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    A New World, A Dead Order, Darkness Rising (Introduction)

    Amose Veil
    Amose Veil

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    A New World, A Dead Order, Darkness Rising (Introduction) Empty A New World, A Dead Order, Darkness Rising (Introduction)

    Post by Amose Veil on 11th March 2015, 1:13 pm

    (I will have put this in a more short story.)

    In the realm of the Frozen Dead, sat a lone throne, a throne made of blades and bone, crafted and warped from fallen kings and enemies. Upon it sat a lone man, if you could call it man. Some call it Demon, others, God, many call it 'The Nightmare,' But most know its name as the Dead Frost. It was male, but everyone has called him "it" because it has no emotion, no feeling, no heart, no life, no love... no soul.
    A man dressed in black robes came to it, bowing before the creature upon the throne. It stood up, "There is no need for that, Kyoto." It spoke in a deep, grim tone.
    Kyoto was the servant of this creature, but, was also his mentor, "It seems this realm has taken a turn for the worse."
    "Indeed it did. It shall be devoured by the Frozen Abyss soon enough," It said, its smirk hidden by the steel like wrappings around its mouth, yet, it sounded like the creature spoke without having anything to cover the mouth. It was near a pale white, the muscles built like a warriors, it had wrappings made defensively like steel, around half of the torso, the neck, the full mid section of the body, and the entire right arm and the forearm go the left. He had pure black hair, blood red eyes, having a large black sword on his back.
    A portal opened, "Another realm awaits you my lord, it would seem your rule here is finished."
    It chuckled, "If this realm shows only chaos, evil, and no interest, then I might as well devour it myself." It threw out the joke.
    Even though it will enter this new world, it will loose most of its power, only gaining its most basic properties, incredible strength, unimaginable speed, and Black Ice. As it stepped through the portal, most power had been lost, awaiting to be gained once more. Hopefully, He will not be a curse to this realm...

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