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    New Venom | New Guildmaster Introduction | Open


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    New Venom | New Guildmaster Introduction | Open

    Post by Nathaniel on Sat 7 Mar - 9:32

    You wanted leadership? You got it. Now go the hell out of there and show all the Guildmembers who is the new boss.

    Nathaniel Silvershield, one of the more recent recruits of Basilisk Fang, who, recently had passed from a simple, miserable recruit, to a Guildmaster, was staring at his reflection in the mirror, in his own room at the Basilisk Fang complex. His hair was tied ever so long, tied in a ponytail, his red irises calculating his own appearance, in an attempt to decide if he looked decent, or had to change his attire to something different, despite the fac tthat he was wearing the attire he always wore, consisting of a simple white tank top, his extremely oversized shirt, the collar of which ended up in his elbows always, making pretty much all of his tattoos visible, and his jeans. Simple, informal, and just comfortable. Completely Nathaniel's style, yet today, for the first time, he felt like it wasn't good enough. The previous Guildmasters, and, in particular, Elijah, were always quite formal, with a suit and everything. So Nathaniel felt quite out of place with his tank top and jeans. How annoying.

    Yet, it was perhaps the nervousness that made him feel so out of place. The fact that he had been given another chance after the Pergrande accident to become a Leader was refreshing, yet made Nathaniel rather nervous, as he was worried what the consequences, what humiliation he'd have to bare, if he did fail as a Guildmaster, or his dear sister somehow found the Guild and destroyed it or took it over. Yet, the latter was rather impossible, as Elizabeth had always been a person that respected and liked laws and justice, and going against the law was not her style. Flailing his arms, Nathaniel turned away, pushing up the collar of his oversized shirt, which, mere seconds after that, fell on his elbows once again. How annoying.

    Leaving his room, Nathaniel attempted to prepare his speech in front of the Guildmembers, as he was willing to inform them about the current situation, and what had been happening. He didn't want Basilisk Fang to get a new Guildmaster all of sudden, and nobody to find it out. He wanted the Guildmembers to be informed of the inner politics of the guild, and thus, would make an effort to remain serious and communicate to everyone what progress had things made, and towards what. Pushing the doors to the Grand Hall open, Nathaniel clapped his hands, walking to the center and bringing everyone's eyes on him. A faint smile appearing on his face, his eyes ran through the entire place, analyzing everyone's expressions, their gestures, the chaos gathered around them. It was a precious sight.

    Alright everyone, listen up. So, our previous Guildmaster, -yes, previous- Elijah Rendlev, left a few hours ago, going into an unknown direction, supposedly to deal with some "family matters", or anything similar. This, naturally, means, that he left the guild, leaving the guildmaster duty, and all of us. Nathaniel stopped for a second, remembering a conversation he had held with a pretty albino girl not long ago, who introduced herself as Janneline Ariel, girlfriend of Elijah, or at least ex-girlfriend, as, judging by how pissed she left, she might as well had broken up with him already, or had went to hunt him down and seek answers as to why he abandoned her. Yet, that didn't matter all that much. So, in sight of the fact that he had to leave due to Personal issues, Elijah decided to leave the guild to myself, for reasons that I refuse to share, as Mr Rendlev requested me to. I must say that, with me becoming a Guildmaster, nothing will change, in particular. What the guild stands for remains the same, regardless of how many Guildmasters come and go.

    After a few moments of silence, Nathaniel grinned, his serious face dissapearing, his rather cheerful one appearing once again, making him become the same Nathaniel Silvershield, the cheerful lad that didn't like boredom and remaining silent, the Nathaniel that couldn't stand silence. I hope I can satisfy all your needs as a Guildmaster.



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    Re: New Venom | New Guildmaster Introduction | Open

    Post by Laycie on Sat 7 Mar - 14:21

    A sigh escaped the lips of a raven-haired demon as her red eyes scanned the guild hall of the treacherous yet undisclosed guild of Basilisk Fang that lay within the frosty mountains, concealing its presence from the world. As of now, the guild still possessed only a few members but it appeared as though new kept joining one after another. The guild was growing and with that, so was their strength. However, that was not what this girl was interested in; but rather, it was the amusement that each individual here would provide that kept her in this very guild.

    At this very moment, Laycie stood on the second floor of the guild looking down from the balcony, her calculating gaze examining each member present within. However, it was at that moment her gaze fell upon one person in particular; Nathaniel Silvershield. He was a recent recruit in the guild; same as her and possessed quite childlike traits however, the demon had to admit that he was indeed an amusing one. But, this time, there was something different about him; the usual childlike air around him was in some way, compressed and a mature feeling radiated out of him. Laycie’s ears perked up when he started addressing the members of the guild and the news surprised Laycie a bit. So, Elijah Rendlev had left? That was a bit surprising, indeed. It made her wonder where he could have disappeared off too. And the next piece of information surprised even more; that Elijah had left Nathaniel in charge. She couldn’t help but admit that she was indeed, a bit surprised but impressed as well. Clearly, this new responsibility placed upon him made him a little more mature and that could be seen however, that immature behaviour was still present when he broke into a grin, returning to his cheerful self.

    A faint smile encompassed Laycie’s lips as she thought about this new piece of information that she had attained. Though, what bothered her the most was the issues that Elijah had to tend do. After going through the trouble of murdering the first guild master, Naziel, he just left the guild so simply in Nathenial’s hand. And how she knew was well, not important at the moment. But regardless of that, the black-haired demon was more interested in the man before her. He appeared to be ready to take this responsibility; ready to be a leader and charge the guild towards what it aimed to be. At least, that was a good thing; perhaps, Elijah left the guild in good hands.

    Realization of what she was thinking then slapped her in the face and the smile disappeared from her lips. What was wrong with her? Why was she so intrigued by Nathaniel? ‘It must probably be something to do with his demonic persona.’ She told herself, trying to convince that it was nothing more than that. She was a demon, after all and this behaviour would be utterly pathetic.

    Making her way down from the stairs to where Nathaniel stood, a smirk encompassed her visage as she addressed him. ‘Congratulations, Nathaniel. I can say that this bit of news is quite surprising however, I hope that you are ready for this responsibility. The guild is in your hands, after all. You have to take care of all of us now~’


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