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    Being an Escort is a Pain {Job}




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    Private Being an Escort is a Pain {Job}

    Post by Fair 5th March 2015, 5:37 am

    Job: Escort on a Train
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Must by all means make sure that she gets on that train and stay on ride.
    Job Location: Magnolia
    Job Description: A scared person requires help riding a train, but because of his fear will not even get on it. He requires to get to his destination by tommorow and the train is the only viable way of travel. So his spouse in order to secure his career has gathered her savings to hire a mage to escort her husband to the train. He is so scared out of his mind that it will be required to drag him on the train kicking and screaming and make keep an eye on him so he won't jump out. You also cannot do any lasting damage to him as he needs to look presentable.
    Reward: 500 Jewels

    "Alright, this will be fun," Tracy muttered to herself, holding the request paper with both hands and nodding, mentally making a list of things she will need to buy beforehand. She did not plan on going empty handed to take care of this man. So the guildless mage went to the nearest shops. After searching through at least three shops, Tracy had bought a harmless rope, duct tape, cloth and earplugs. Right, so now she was headed to the house where the hopeless couple lived. The man was trembling with all four on a wooden chair. His wife had her left hand on her left hip. She was pointing at the poor dude as if in a scolding manner. Tracy could hear her saying: 

    "You HAVE to get on that train! How else will you get there?! If you have a better idea, I invite you to present it!" 

    The mage chuckled and on hearing this, both of them turned to her. Tracy then cleared her throat and held up the request paper, "I'm here to send you to your destination." Both of them had their eyes wide. With a smirk, she added, "I have found a different form of transport. You won't have to be so scared about this one," nodding at the man who looked as if he could die from surprise. "You'll have to do as I say though. Unless you want to go on that train." The man started shaking his head vigorously hearing the word train while the woman walked towards her with eyes full of hope and did the unexpected. She hugged her. Oh please no. Tracy stood stiffly until the hug was over with.

    "Thank you very much! I am so pleased you are here to help us!" 

    "No problem," Tracy mumbled and gestured for the man to follow her. She took him to the train station by bus and brought out the stuff she bought before she went to the house. The man looked shocked as ever.

    "Wait! This is the train station! I'm not going on a train!"

    "Shut up, you idiotic dumbass. I am a mage and I know what I'm doing. What you're going to do is," she said, then took a moment to take out the materials from the black bag she put them in before continuing, "blindfold yourself with this cloth," and handing him the cloth. He did as told immediately. "Put these in your ears so you won't hear the folks from the magical land. They might hinder your journey. After you put those in, I'll tie your hands together and duct-tape your mouth so that you'll be secure with me. The fairies might come and try to open your mouth. Just trust me and don't freak out." Tracy wanted to laugh at all the bullshit she was making up. Of course he didn't know a shit about magic. He would probably think of it as what she described it as since he was just an ordinary citizen. Only mages knew what was up. The man did everything she told him to and allowed her to tie his hands up, duct-tape his mouth and followed her as she pulled him by the end of the rope that was let loose so she could pull him along.

    Tracy dragged him on the train that was packed and smirked. Everyone was staring at her but to whoever did that, she glared back. They were going to be on that train for at least an hour and a half, maybe two. Tracy almost fell asleep. It was so damn boring. This was the reason she never took the train anywhere. Everyone either had children to attend to, a book or newspaper to read. There was no one her age on the train, seriously. She grunted as the train rocked a bit. She held onto the rope while the man sat as still as a rock. Great. She was doing great. Just a few more minutes and it's over.

    The following fifteen minutes happened to be nap time for the guy. He fell asleep and didn't wake up until the train came to a halt. Once that happened, Tracy pulled at the rope, dragging him out the passenger car. "We're here," she told him and once they were standing on the floor of the train station at his destination, she untied the rope, took off the duct tape, blindfold and removed the earplugs. The man was confused for a bit but then handed her her reward.

    "Thanks, mage."

    "You're welcome. You have ridden a train with no fear at all." And with that, she left the dude gawking at her back full of confused thoughts.

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