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    A past revived

    Alie and Ariel
    Alie and Ariel

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    A past revived  Empty A past revived

    Post by Alie and Ariel on 4th March 2015, 10:53 pm

    Two figures sat atop a large rock looking a piece of parchment paper. "Kill a man who leaves nothing but corpses in his wake." it read along the top. Alie and Ariel read the description once more. "A tall man has been sighted around multiple corpses in major cities. Police forces have been unable to even get close to the man without dying themselves. Suspects say he wears a cloak and has a pet dragon. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.” The two girls looked at the sketch that was on the parchment. Then back at the figure making his way through the canyon floor. Alie stood up and cracked her knuckles “Let’s do this quick sis. We gotta get back to the guild soon.” They both took a few steps and jumped off the cliff Alie clapped her hands together as they were falling. “I summon thy, lords of the sky Selto!” She then placed her palms outstretched, an ornate green and gold gate appeared underneath them. Its doors swung open as they fell down through it, now each riding a strange creature.  Bat wings sprouted from a largely lion shaped figure, the twins clung to the creatures’ mane as it flew just out of sight they then landed behind some rocks in front of the figures path. Alie pulled out some small glass balls filled with a purple liquid while Ariel’s hands glowed with a faint yellow light.

    The figure walked through the canyon, right past their hiding spot. It was clear that the two figures who followed him where professionals, they had hid their presence well but not their shadows as they flew overhead. He continued walking, Akire watched the top of the cliff wall, waiting for them to make the first move. His blood rush had already activated so his reflexes were ready. When he was almost in the shadow of the rock he abruptly stopped, he wanted to see what’d happen.

    The two girls watched as the man walked then stopped and looked up at the hiding spot, they had lost the element of surprise so they decided it would be best to attack now. Alie hopped out first, throwing two glass balls at the foot of their target, while Ariel’s hands glowed brighter “Open, Dimensional Gallery! What I require is; The Graviton Greatsword!” with that the golden light in her hands turned into a silvery liquid rising up and reshaping into the large sword. By the time the two girls landed, the man had hopped away as the glass balls hit the ground, shattering and leaving a purple smoke around the area. Ariel took the chance to hop through the smoke and bring the greatsword down on the man’s predicated location. What she field instead was a loud CLANG of the sword smashing into something metal.

    As Akire watched the girls jump ne noticed something…familiar about them, but he had no time to dwell on it. He dodge out of the way of the glass balls that coated the area in a purple mist, he sensed movement in front of him. Lifting his left arm a small red rune glowed on the leather arm guard, moments later it at hard formed into a crude looking iron shield. He lifted it just in time to block the sword swing, the resonating sound caused the smoke to disperse in a small circle, blowing the hood of his cloak off. He could see clearly and what he saw was a distinct pink bunny hoodie. His eyes widened as he recognized the sword against his arm. He threw his weight forward and pushed the assailant back. The girl fell back into the cloud of smoke, disappearing from sight. He knew they were around here somewhere but he couldn’t see them. Akire breathed and inhaled deeply, the inside of his mouth glowed red briefly as the magic circle activated on his tongue, he then roared into the air “Roar of Zephyr!” creating a large gust of wind him that blew away the smoke and what he saw where two girls standing on either side of him. Both wore matching hoodies, and striped knee socks, he couldn’t see their faces under the shadow of the hoods. But he recognized the sword the girl in pink was holding. “t-that sword…why do you have it! Why do you have Ojin’s Greatsword!?” he yelled, his anger raising rapidly at the thought of someone else using that weapon.

    The girls looked at each other, then back at the man standing in front of them. Medium length white hair with black tips, fiery red eyes filled with rage that looked like it could burst forth at any moment. This reminded them of someone, someone many years ago but they were unsure. Ariel reached up and pulled her hood back, showing her green hair and multicolored colored eyes “This sword was given to me by my father before he died. Now it’s your turn!” with that she lunged again at Akire, the sword held above her head. She jumped and brought it down again him, he reached up to block but his hand had been caught by something, thorny green vines had sprouted from a crack under him. “That smoke wasn’t just for show.” Alie grinned holding a brown cloth bag in her hands. “That’s Cryphus Sacarus. A magical plant that quickly grows based on the emotions of those around it. And judging by how quickly it sprouted, you musta been awfully pissed.” Ariel landed on the ground and took another combat stance, the greatsword in her hands, it glowed briefly before shifting into a new shape “Beelz and Dio!” She said now wielding a pair of black and silver pistols, she pointed them at Akire who had just ripped his arm free thorny plant. The iron shield in his arm shrinking as he did so.

    Akire watched the sword shift and change. Now that was really familiar but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Too late he noticed the pair of pistols pointing at him, he dove to the right fast, but not fast enough. Two sharp pains hit him in the shoulder as he rolled behind a rock. “Those pistols, the sword, I know those weapons. But how’d they-“ his thought was interpreted when the rock he was hiding behind exploded. He dodged back and covered his body at the points of impact with iron to stop any real damage. “Alright! Time to stop fooling around!” He yelled drawing the wooden sword from his back. Red veins of magic came out from his forearm and wrapped around the blade, then a flow of blood followed, it created a blade around the sword. As soon as he hit the ground he dashed straight ahead. The girl in pink was in front pistols still at the ready as he swung the sword with both hands she jumped back to dodge. He grinned as the blood sword extended and caught the girl in the side. The sword wasn’t too sharp but it did have force, enough that it threw her out of the way. “You’re turn missy!” Akire grinned without losing any speed he dove right at her his sword was about to pierce her chest  when a shadowy hand reached out from behind her and stopped it.

    Behind her two figures emerged from the shadow of her body. They were tall white skinned creatures with dark eyes and tentacles where their mouth would be. They had large fish like fins along their backs, sharp blade looking ones along their forearms and what appeared to be more eyes embedded in their body all over. “Are you hurt master?” the one holding Akire’s blade asked one of the eyes on it’s back moving to focus on Alie “I’m fine. You may continue Chatru.” She said pulling her hood back to reveal a similar character to the one Akire just batted. The two beasts turned to him and all the eyes on their body looked at him. He pulled his sword back out of the creatures grasp as one ran at him in a zigzagging pattern it struck him with one of the claws. He coughed and flew back into a rock two arms came out of the rock as the first creature held him in a head lock. He struggled and swung attempting to get the monster off him. Ariel came up next to her sister and pointed the pistols at him. “All twelve rounds ready Alie.” She said taking aim at their next victim.

    “This is a problem.” Akire thought as he struggled in the creatures grasp. He just couldn’t seem to break free. He struggled and kept kicking but it wasn’t doing much that he could tell. He was quickly loosing oxygen when he heard “All twelve rounds ready Alie.” Wait…Alie. Summons, twins, changing weapons he knew these! It was the sisters from the New Human Initiative Alie and Ariel! He struggled harder but something else grabbed his legs. The other tentacle gad grabbed his lower body and was…sucking energy out from him? He was starting to lose consciousness but he tried to call out to them. He kept struggling, he didn’t want to die yet, especially at the hands of the people who once looked up to him and that he protected. He finally found some strength and threw of the two beasts who were stunned for a moment. “Girls…” he said coughing as he started walking toward them.

    Alie was a little stunned he was able to through her guards off but Ariel just kept a straight face. “Take one more step asshole and I put so many holes in your body you’ll look like-“ she stopped, her jaw dropped the man whom they were just fighting had stopped and used one hand to lift up the hair covering his forehead. There, above his right eye, was a barcode tattoo and S-0018.  There was only one person in world with that tattoo Ariel’s hands started shaking. “B-Big Bro…” she whispered looking at the man. “y-you were supposed to be dead…like everyone else…” Akire took another step forward. “Clearly I’m not.” He said pushing himself up with the help of his sword. The girls sat there staring at him, clearly it was Akire. The red eyes, white and black hair, the tattoo that marked him as something not quite human. All signs pointed to him. The twins looked shocked and Alie dropped to her knees crying. “y-you’re alive. I-I can’t believe it!” She cried smiling. The tears coming from her eyes dropping onto the desert ground. Ariel released her spell and let the pistols disappear. “But why…why…not till now…nothing. WHY DIDN’T YOU TRY AND TELL US!?” She screamed at him clearly rather angry at that than happy he was alive.

    Akire breathed deeply and let it out slowly. “I…I didn’t know. I didn’t know where you were or if you even alive. Believe me, I would have contacted you as soon as I found out but…I’ve been…busy.” He said trying to hide the fact that he was hunting down the people who started the god awful experiments in the first place. He re-sheathed his sword and approached the girls, kneeling he wiped Alie’s tears with his thumb, much like he did when they were training back in the old days. “I have important business to attend to. Concerning the N.H.I. alright? I’m going to put a stop to them so it never happens again. If you find any information please send it my way alright?” he asked smiling and putting a hand on both of the girls’ shoulders. Both of the girls nodded as get stood up, he picked up his cloak and strapped it back on. “You might not see me for a while. If ever again. So, I want to give you both something.” He pulled out the black wooden sword and handed it Ariel “First, my sword. Made from a magical tree. It has many secrets for you to unlock. And you for you Alie.” He reached to his belt and unstrapped it. Handing it to her with his carving knifes in them. “Use these to help with the garden. Blades that never dull are always good for something right?” he said standing up and heading off.

    They looked at the gifts, then each other than Akire again as he started walking off. They both got up and ran after him, tears in their eyes. They rounded a large rock soon after he did but he was nowhere to be seen. All that was left was a wooden statuette of the girls holding hands with a smiling man that looked an awfully lot like Akire himself back in his younger days. Ariel picked it up and held it close to her chest, “let’s go…” she said Alie nodded and they started walking back.

    Many, many miles away a moon stood at a booth in the Rose Garden. He had a knife in his hand and a block of wood in the other. He looked to the sky for a moment, white hair waving in a faint breeze and whispered “Good luck.” Before looking back at the kid who had come to look at his little collection of carvings. “What can I do for you today?”


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