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    Escorting the Scaredy Cat [Job:Escort On A Train] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo)


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    Escorting the Scaredy Cat [Job:Escort On A Train] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo) Empty Escorting the Scaredy Cat [Job:Escort On A Train] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo)

    Post by Akeya 4th March 2015, 7:10 am

    Job Description:
    Job: Escort on a train
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Must by all means make sure that she gets on that train and stay on ride.
    Job Location: Magnolia
    Job Description: A scared person requires help riding a train, but because of his fear will not even get on it. He requires to get to his destination by tommorow and the train is the only viable way of travel. So his spouse in order to secure his career has gathered her savings to hire a mage to escort her husband to the train. He is so scared out of his mind that it will be required to drag him on the train kicking and screaming and make keep an eye on him so he won't jump out. You also cannot do any lasting damage to him as he needs to look presentable.
    Reward: 500 Jewels

    Akeya was walking away from where she just helped a little boy with his problem regarding bullying when she remembered that she actually came here for another job. Strangely enough this one was also related to bullying, in one sense of the word. It was kind of ironic how this time Akeya was going to be the one doing the bullying, and getting paid for it. In her mind telling that small bully to stop hadn't been so much bullying as that she just gave him a warning. However this was a bit different.

    The winged ninja wasn't sure how somebody could be so afraid that they couldn't even get on a train after their wife even went so far as to pay a mage to escort them, but there it is, there was apparently somebody who was that afraid. Akeya absent-mindedly wondered if in the morning he was so afraid that he couldn't get himself to get out off bed without some sort of pep-talk. Well, at least the job description had accounted for the possibility that even an escort wouldn't be enough to calm the man down. She was apparently allowed to drag him on board and keep him in place while the train brought them to their destination, although she wasn't allowed to actually harm him or make him look like he was just thrown about. Of course, that wasn't Akeya's plan in the first place.

    With how scared the man was, it should be no problem to just redirect his fear to something a bit more practical. Right now for whatever random reason Akeya hadn't been briefed on he was too scared to get on the train. That wasn't particularly practical. It would be a lot more practical if he, say was scared of the half dragon who might eat him if he didn't quietly get on the train, sit down, and stay there until it was time for him to get off. Sure, it was a cruel and harsh method, but at least something would be accomplished that way, instead of the man constantly wanting to go somewhere but being so much of a scaredy cat that he wasn't even willing to use the only form of transportation available. Honestly, the fact that his job depended on this should already have been enough motivation for him to just get on the damn train. Since it wasn't, Akeya had trouble feeling bad using a bit more pressing type of motivation.

    Once near the train station Akeya spotted her 'client' nearly immediately, and not only because his wife had given a good description of him. His behaviour was also making him stand out so much that he might as well have been shooting off fireworks while being a one-man band. He was constantly looking around, nearly quivering in his boots, and positively reeked of fear. A human probably wouldn't have smelled that last part, but Akeya's nose was a lot better than that of a normal human. Another perk of being a half dragon.

    Approaching the man Akeya kept herself hidden until she was close enough, knowing that if she approached somebody so jumpy as him and gave him time to run away he would disappear so fast that even she would have trouble catching him. Strangely enough fear could make people perform superhuman feats almost as easily as about any other type of motivation Akeya could care to name. It was somewhat understandable though: fear was originally a sign that somewhat dangerous was around and that you should either get ready for a fight or run away at high speed. The fact that these days it wasn't really used for the same thing didn't remove the fact that it was an ancient and practical type of emotion. And one which the half dragon was particularly good at creating in humans and controlling them through it.

    Once close enough she suddenly popped out of the man's own shadow, grabbed him by the shoulder, and spun him around so she could face him, already having removed her blindfold so she could stare at him with her glaring green dragon eyes.

    "Your wife has paid me to help you get to your destination so you won't get fired. It's better if you just quietly come with me. You might be afraid of getting on the train, but it'd be better to be afraid of me."

    At this the man became so white that he nearly looked like snow, and also completely froze. After a couple of seconds passed Akeya noticed that he wasn't unfreezing, the only part of him still moving was his chest. Well, at least he was still breathing. After wondering what to do now Akeya shrugged and lifted the man by the shoulders, carrying him with her as she herself stepped on the train and waited for it to leave. She'd just keep him frozen like this until they reached their destination. No harm done, and seeing how he was completely frozen he shouldn't look too dishevelled either.


    Escorting the Scaredy Cat [Job:Escort On A Train] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo) WolfySiggy2
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