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    True Hunters! [Private| Shohei, Linxwire]


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    True Hunters! [Private| Shohei, Linxwire] - Page 2 Empty Re: True Hunters! [Private| Shohei, Linxwire]

    Post by NPC 17th July 2015, 2:40 pm

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    True Hunters! [Private| Shohei, Linxwire] - Page 2 Empty Re: True Hunters! [Private| Shohei, Linxwire]

    Post by DOPPO 24th July 2015, 3:11 pm

    Shohei couldn't stand Xavier. But he only dared to continue speaking to him with such grim words. After Xavier explained the actions they should commence, Shohei had only had enough time to flinch in surprise before he dashed off into one of the holes. Shohei had no choice but to follow after the footsteps grew louder.

    He dashed alongside the boy, simply observing every hole they passed by as they approached the chosen hole. Xavier halted, and knelt down by it. Shohei soon afterwards came to the same stop and stared. "Need a push?" He glared, completely willing to toss him into the hole without any consideration of the physical damage that might be done if he did. He could hear the men's footsteps grow louder. They didn't have much time, Shohei knew this.

    He smacked his lips and gazed down into the steep ditch, then transitioning his gaze to Xavier. If he were to plan an ambush, this was only one of many ways to do it. But considering the circumstances, this was a better option than to face them head on. This is only the beginning. If this plan is what I think it is, and if it's a success... we may be able to redo the procedure again. The only enemies aware of our presence is the ones we've faced. Perhaps... we can triumph with little engagement?... Shohei thought. Despite his insults and unwanted input, Shohei would only simply acknowledge Kihia and Xavier. Not as his friends, guildmates, but mages. Beyond the lines of their relations was something unimportant to Shohei.

    But he was thinking too far ahead, plan-wise. He needed to focus on what's happening right now. Shohei grudgingly raised his arm towards Xavier, his fingers uncurling from his palm. "Your hand. Give it to me and jump."


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