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    Snowy Cottage (Decayuss!)


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    Snowy Cottage (Decayuss!) Empty Snowy Cottage (Decayuss!)

    Post by Decayuss 27th February 2015, 11:09 pm

    Job Information:
    Name: Snowy Cottage!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be at least 10 posts long; at least 150 words per post
    Job Requirements: D-Rank Mages (max 3), Help build the Cottage without magic.
    Job Location: Mountain Village
    Job Description: Assist an old man named Bartre and his son Ninko build a wooden cottage atop a snowy mountain. The house being built is a gift for Bartre's daughter Nino, who's going to be married in a few months. Though they live in a magical world, Bartre does not believe in the use of magic to get a job done; and requests that the mage or mages helping him help build the cottage without using any magic.
    Enemies: n/a

    "So are you satisfied with what you found out? Your sword skills defeinitely aren't hindered, after all you were able to cut every single fly there right in half with just a few motions." Deniel nodded at Nidhogg's remark, but he did disagree with one thing. "My sword skills are definitely still there. And so is my magic, being able to go into Full Body Take Overs this much...but what about my strength?" Deniel grabbed job sheets from under his bed once again, and went searching through jobs. "Oh dear...can't you just do some lifting or something else to test out your strength?" Deniel took his head and picked out a job that he had saved from his previous trip over here. He pulled the sheet out of the pile, and stuffed the rest right under his bed. He showed the description to Nidhogg. All Deniel had to do was go out in the middle of some snowy village, and help a person build a cottage using no magic. Not only would it help Deniel hone and test out his natural strength, but also his artistic ability and tolerance to colder temperatures. This time, Nidhogg didn't have any objections. "You know, for a D rank job, I think that's pretty good." Deniel was glad that Nidhogg agreed with him that this would be a good job for him to take.  "Alright, we're off to Mountain Village, then!" Instead of running out, Deniel decided to walk out of his room this time. He wasn't really in a hurry, not one that he could think of, anyway. And he had plenty of time to spare. So why not walk? Of course Deniel didn't walk the entire way. Just like his previous trips, when Deniel got outside, he activated his fastest Full Body Take Over: The White Angel. Once his body was covered up in the white golden trimmed armor, Deniel gave both of his wings a single flap, and then ascended into the sky. The job said for him not to use magic, but it never said not to use magic to get there. Of course he wouldn't use magic to build the actual cottage.

    The fortunate thing about that was that Deniel could test his natural strength. He couldn't remember the last time he fought or did something without a Full Body Take Over aiding him. The time before that...was when he never had his magic in the first place. Not just a Full Body Take Over, but also Partials. He remembered back when he was a D rank mage, C rank mage, and even a B rank. The most he had were partials that gave him very minor boosts compared to a Full Body. Regardless, he never seemed to do anything with his natural strength. But that didn't mean his natural strength was very weak, not at all. Prison made him strong. Both mentally, in some ways, and physically. The last time Deniel tested his physical strength naturally was back in prison, his final match just before he escaped. He remembered how he defeated his opponent, and then that's when everything started. Attacking the guard, letting the other prisoners free, killing his tormentor, and then seemingly falling to his death. Ever since then, Deniel used a Take Over of some kind to aid him in combat. Again, he didn't think there was anything wrong with it at all. He was just curious to see how he faired without one. Luckily for Deniel, he didn't have to travel far to reach Mountain Village. It was very much near Eclipse Soul, and his White Angel form was fast. In a few short moments, Deniel could feel the air getting colder and colder and colder. As Deniel kept going up the mountains, soon he began to see white sheets of snow along them. This had intruiged Deniel, since there was something oddly familiar about snow. He remembered the first time he saw snow with Kyll on a certain job that he did. And at the very end of it, he had felt a strange familiarity associated with the cold environment. And he had felt this peculiar emotion once again once he reached the near top of the mountain. He de-activated his Take Over and took a look around himself. It didn't take long for Deniel to find where he was supposed to be. A nice piece of flat land, a person, and A HUGE PILE OF LOGS gave it away. Where else would a person build a cottage?

    Deniel started to approach the spot, and while he did, he started to think about what he had been feeling. Why did snow and ice feel so familiar? Why was he so used to it having never being exposed to it? People around him always looked freezing cold, whatever that was, and bundled up. Deniel, on the other hand, felt like he could be naked out here and it wouldn't really matter. So what gave? Was he born with the ability to resist the cold weather? This was once again a goddamn problem being put off onto later as Deniel approached the person near the large logs and piles of wood. He had a habit of doing that...thinking very deeply about things at the worst time, telling himself he would think about it , and then never doing it again. Whatever. When Deniel reached the person, he seemed to be a well fit guy.

    He was bundled up, just like everyone else, in a bunch of clothing. But Deniel could tell under all of that clothing he was a pretty strong person. He had short black hair and green eyes. Not only was Deniel observing him, but he was observing Deniel. Unfortuantely for Deniel, he wasn't quite impressed as Deniel hoped he would be. All he saw was a scrawny man that looked very unprepared for the cold weather. "You're seriously the person that wanted to take this job? Great...this will take even longer than I had hoped for." Deniel couldn't blame him TOO much for the rude comment. But it was still kind of obnoxious of him to judge Deniel at first sight. Regardless, Deniel was above to prove the guy wrong, and make him eat his own words. He shoved right past him and then cracked his knuckles. "Just watch..." Looking like he put absolutely no effort into it, Deniel grabbed on to a huge pile of logs and lifted them over his head with one hand. He didn't plan to move them anywhere, he just simply wanted to show off his strength. Deniel looked back at the person with a smirk on his face. The man had his eyes widened, and gave a whistle. "Well I'll be damned...you're hired!" Deniel then gently put down the logs down on the groud once again. After that, the rest of the afternoon was pretty much smooth sailing. The man helped Deniel with positioning the logs, mostly standing back and giving him orders, but he also lifted the logs himself from time to time. With Deniel's inhuman strength, they were done much sooner than the man had expected. He expected this to take several days, perhaps even a few weeks. But instead, he got it all done in one afternoon. Deniel and him sat down together, admiring their work. There was a pretty nice log cabin, plenty for a family to live in.

    Despite the blistering cold environment they were in, both Deniel and the man were seating a little bit. The man had also stripped himself of his coat and gloves so he could cope with his body seemingly heating up a little bit better. He punched Deniel's shoulder and gave out a satisfied laugh. "There she is, my boy! And I owe this fast completion thanks to you. I know it's not much, but please, here is your reward." Deniel was given one thousand jewels for his deed, and he was pretty satisfied with it. One thousand was quite a decent amount of jewels, and he was happy that he had to do such an easy job for it. He smiled at the man, and patted his shoulders. "You're welcome. Take care, both you and your family. And one last thing..." Deniel stood up and walked away from the man to the edge of the mountain. He looked down, and turned around. He held out both of his arms with a smirk on his face. "Give magic a try once in a while. It does amazing things." After saying that, Deniel feel to his seeming demise. The man stood up and ran straight for Deniel before he dropped, but was far too late. He looked down in despair, until something came soaring up. It looked like an angel. The man fell back, in surprise and fear, and scuttled back. The angel gave a way to him, and spoke in something very close to Deniel's voice. "Like this!" After saying that, Deniel turned away, and flew off into the distance. "Mission complete!"


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