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    Double Trouble! (Decayuss)


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    Double Trouble! (Decayuss) Empty Double Trouble! (Decayuss)

    Post by Decayuss on 27th February 2015, 10:26 pm

    Job Information:
    Job: Double Trouble!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: C or D ranks mages only. Max group of two. 6 post min. 150 words per post min.
    Job Requirements: Take the children to the amusement park, do not let them get hurt, or lost, or no reward.
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description: "Hello to who ever is reading this, my name is Alice. I'm a busy business woman who has a set of ten year old twin sons. I was wondering if someone can take care of them for the day while I go out of town on some business. My sons want to go to this new amusement park that I can not take them to, because I'm so busy. So I'm asking you to take them. Their names are Zack and Chris. Zach is a wild one and will run from you if he doesn't want to be where he's at. Chris is more calmer, but he'll follow Zack if he runs. Please down let them wander off or get hurt."
    Enemies: Zack and Chris
    Run: Zack and Chris will run off at random intervals if the other doesn't want to be at a certain ride. The other will follow.
    Split: The twins will split up on purpose to aggravate you and run in separate directions to get away.
    Speed boost: The twins will use a magic boost to speed up they're running.
    Reward: 750 Jewels each

    Upon returning from the tiring job in Magnolia, the day had finally started to give away, and the night was coming soon. Deniel landed in front of the cave-like entrance to his room, and went inside. The sun was almost all the way down the horizon, and darkness started to cover the land. In addition, Deniel could see the moon high in the sky from the other side of the world. It was quite a spectacular view, in his opinion. But, unfortunately, from his room, he couldn't really get much of a view. He didn't really mind, though. He went back inside of his room, and was fairly tired. He could feel his eyelids drooping, and he had gotten very bored from the tedious task of getting so many pigs into the pen from the last job he did. The only good part about all of this was that the part of him he wanted to test was once again successful. His strength hadn't failed him one bit. That meant there was only one last thing that he could think to test: his speed. True, he was able to get from his destinations in a matter of minutes, but that was his White Angel Form. The form where he was built for speed. Deniel needed to test his natural ability and reflexes. Because if they are hindered in anyway, then that means his Full Body Take Overs will be weaker as well. His Full Bodies doubled his initial strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. But if any of them were hindered, then that meant that the doubled part of them would be much weaker as well.

    Deniel yawned as he got on to his bed, and stretched both of his arms out. It had been quite a long day, and the sad part about it all was that it ended with a very boring and tedious task, something that made Deniel almost fall asleep. But now that all of that was done and over with, Deniel could rest and wait for tomorrow. He laid down on his bed, flat on his back, and began to sleep in seconds. Once again, just like the last time he did, Deniel slept very soundly. There were no bad dreams or disturbances. He slept and slept, his body recovering it's strength from being tired yesterday. Upon waking up, Deniel yawned and stretched out his arms. Today was yet another day, and it was time for yet another job...or two. Maybe even three. Before Deniel got to his jobs, though, he needed to eat something first. So, he waltz on upstairs to Eclipse Soul's main buildings, and fixed himself from breakfast. Nearly an hour later, Deniel came back to his room, stuffed from the food he ate, but also ready to take on another job. Fortunately for him, he already had an idea of which job he was going to get. He pulled his papers out from under his bed, and went to the very back of them where the D rank jobs were. He pulled the one that he liked right out of the pile, and went through it. All he had to do was take two kids to an amusement park, and make sure they didnt' get away. If they tried to run from him, if Deniel was as fast as he was, then there was no way they would get very far. With a nod, Deniel shoved the request sheet in his pocket, and once again ran out of his room and flew to the job's location: Peace Village.

    ".....PEACE VILLAGE!? SINCE WHEN THE HELL DID THEY HAVE AN AMUSEMENT PARK!?" Deniel couldn't believe it, but once he reached the place, he found out that there was. He didn't know what kind of dark magic made him not notice it...but it didn't matter. He landed, got out of his Full Body Take Over, and eventually found the two boys waiting at the entrance for him. He looked down at the two ten-year-olds, both of them looking distinctly different. Zack was a blonde, and looked much more wild with his eyes and posture. Meanwhile, Chris had brunette hair, and seemed to more quiet and timid than Zack was. Regardless of how they looked, Deniel was going to take them through this amusement park, get his reward, and be on his way. He was actually kind of hoping the two of them would try to cause some trouble at least once so that he could test his speed, catching up to them, and his reflexes, the amount of time it took him to notice they were gone.

    Deniel took them in the park, and the three of them went on a couple of rides together. Zack seemed like he was having a blast, as well as Chris despite his nature. It was Deniel, however, who didn't seem to be having much fun. He was a person who could fly at any time he wanted to, so dropping from tall heights, loops, twists, turns, and fast speeds really wasn't all that new to him. They went on even more rides, and it wasn't until they had gone on about ten that they decided to cause some trouble. Zack and Chris had begun staring at each other and nodding, which Deniel pretended he didn't notice, but took notice to. And then, in a moment, both of them split from Deniel. Deniel took notice right away, and went for Zack first. The kid seemed to use magic to speed up his running, but he was no where NEAR Deniel's speed. Before he could get ten feet away from where they were standing, Deniel grabbed him by his shirt, and then turned around to get Chris. And not even Chris got ten feet away. Deniel had them both by the backs of their shirts, and placed them down right in front of him. He looked down at the two with very intimdiating eyes, "Let's not try that again, alright? ....ALRIGHT!?" Both of the kdis nodded, not wanting to say a single word to him.

    After that, for the rest of the day, they only tried to run once since they both disagreed on a ride, but they got even less distance away from Deniel than the first time. So...it was a smooth job, surprisingly. Deniel could see how it would challenge a D rank, though. After he went through the day, he collected his reward, returned the kids home, and started to return to Eclipse Soul. "Mission complete!"


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