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    A Test of Strength(Kiba's Secondary training.)(solo/Private)

    Lumina Rubyscale

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    A Test of Strength(Kiba's Secondary training.)(solo/Private)

    Post by Lumina Rubyscale on 27th February 2015, 3:31 pm

    Kiba had left Eclipse Soul, he had left his home and wandered land unknown to many. He came here to train, to better himself, to grow as a person. Kiba walked in silence, the only sound to be heard was his footsteps on the dry earth. He had come a long way, everything he had was gone, no family, no friends. Even though he wanted to feel sorry for himself, he didn't. He was still alive and that meant there was always tomorrow. Kiba simply kept on walking, it was all he had left to do.

    "Kiki, What do you think we should do?" Kiba asked aloud, referring to the other personality that dwelt in his mind. "I mean what should we try and learn?"

    *Well you did start that training with Zeno.* She responded with a bored tone. *Assassins arsenal was it?* Kiba nodded, a motion that Kiki could know about. *Well then i would just build on what you have learned.* 

    "Why the hell am i asking your opinion?" Kiba questioned himself. Kiki didn't often think things through, acting impulsively was kinda her trademark.

    *Hey you asked... all i did was answer your question.* Kiki gave the mentel impression of a shrug as she spoke. 

    Kiba rolled his eyes, stopping to look around. "Hmmm nothing but dirt and bugs here." Kiba laughed a little bit and stepped of the "Path" if you could call it that.


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