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    Time To Bid Adieu

    Zoe Schiffer
    Zoe Schiffer

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    Time To Bid Adieu Empty Time To Bid Adieu

    Post by Zoe Schiffer on 27th February 2015, 7:03 am

    A sigh escaped the light-blonde’s lips as she looked around the guild hall, examining every part of it for one last time. She never thought a day like this would appear in which she would be taking this decision but alas, things always happen unexpectedly. And now was one of those unexpected times; her departure from Fairy Tail. What compelled her to take this decision, she was not exactly sure. But for some reason, she felt as though no matter how amazing Fairy Tail, it just wasn’t the right place for her. There was this nagging feeling telling her so; she did not know what it was but it continuously told her to leave as if it were someone else. Indeed, the time she had spent within this guild was quite enjoyable but it was bid adieu now.

    Making her way down the stairs of the guild, her footsteps echoing in the quiet, the wind mage reached the massive doors of the guild hall. ‘This is it.’ Looking back to take a look at the quiet guild hall for the first time, memories of her time spent here entered her mind. She would always have these memories with her but now, she had to tread a new path; what this path may hold for her was something she was not sure of but many adventures would still follow.

    Taking a deep breath, she opened the doors of the Fairy Tail guild hall and stepped outside, the cool hair caressing her being. However, it wasn’t as though she did not know where to go next. She in fact, had a good idea of where she would be going. It was another legal guild; one that would perhaps suit her more than Fairy Tail. A new light stood in front of her as she made her way for it with a smile on her face, looking forward to the future instead of brooding on the past. However, what the future may hold was still a mystery but one thing was for sure and that escaped her lips.

    ‘Sayonara, Fairy Tail.’

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