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    Eclipse Soul advertisement services

    Felicity Vrago
    Felicity Vrago

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    Eclipse Soul advertisement services Empty Eclipse Soul advertisement services

    Post by Felicity Vrago 24th February 2015, 11:22 pm

    Job: Spread the Word!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above. Minimum of 1 person needs to belong to a guild.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Must pass out pamphlets or convince one Player Character to join your guild.
    Job Location: Rose Garden
    Job Description: By word of mouth, passing pamphlets or doing some kind of publicity to raise awareness of the guild so that more members will flock in. Regardless of having someone join or not, just the simple act of publicizing your guild will suffice in your objective.
    Reward: 0 jewels, but double exp if you manage to convince someone in character that is another player. This is done if a guildless joins the thread and does the job with the person that belongs to a guild. At end of thread if the person changes to the colors to reflect the new guild that they joined then the exp is doubled as before.

    Katherine was busy getting posters and stuff that would help promote Eclipse Souls awareness. It would not matter if nobody joined, but it would feel great if Katherine could simply have more people consider their options towards the guild that she called home. The guild that gave her an opportunity to experience humans in such a new fashion. Katherine sighed, there was so much work that she had to do. She started by grabbing copies of  the guilds description and going towards each street corner to put fliers at places where people could see. It was quick, simple and allowed her to pace herself as her body was not feeling 100% since her near death experience. The Goddess sighed, she was getting tired all the time. Occasionally she would get bursts of strength in certain scenarios, but it felt as if the negativity of the guild was draining her. She hated the manner in which how most of the guild left for selfish reasons. Katherine would miss Kyll and even Zeno, they were the past generation after all. Katherine shook her head as she placed yet another poster on a lamp post. She wondered how the 2 were doing, there was an emptiness in the guild now that the 2 were gone. Katherine sighed, there was so much work to do now. The Goddess was exhausted from the weight placed on her shoulders, she was now the only Ace in Eclipse Soul. Hopefully Deniel will hire new Aces to take her place and ease pressure off her needing to help lead the guild. Especially when she felt a couple millenia older than she already was.

    Katherine sighed silently and took a break, the streets were already filled with her flier to join the guild and decided to go to a cafe. She awaited at the front and sat down at a table outside, maybe some sun would help her pale complexion. She ordered some tea and a chocolate cake as she sighed to look at the fliers. She marveled at the guild's emblem as Katherine rubbed the paper in her hands. The design was definitely beautiful with the moon attempting to cover the sun. In a way it was a sign that even in the darkness, the light would soon follow. Hope was not gone for everyone and although there was change... Maybe it was a good thing! Katherine ate her cake and drank her tea as quickly as she could. She needed to go back to work after all! Quickly she paid for her food and tea to get back to the job at hand. She picked up the fliers and proceeded to walk from person to person, handing out the  fliers to random people in the streets.

    Most of the people were surprised at the advertisement, while some tried to put distance between Katherine and her army of fliers. Those were people unwilling to change for the better. To live unenlightened lives. But redemption was for all, even the most vilest of persons could seek it in due time. They only needed to seek such a thing out, to want to change. Humanity and Fiore needed to evolve and better themselves. Katherine smiled with ever person that took a flier from her hand and read it. In a way it was almost like if she was part of a cult the way she approached people. Confidence in her words and the progress that only the word of mouth could spread. After another good hour of spreading all the papers around, she ran out and decided to go home. It was worth a shot even if there was no converts, the simple action of trying to win over people was enough to her.

    And so with a smile on her face she stretched her wings and flew to the air. The wings gently catching the wind as she flew in the air and to the Phoenix Mountains. She closed her eyes and let the wind hit her face as she slowly descended from the clouds and to the guild that she loved. She made it just in time to start cooking everyone dinner and maybe enough time for cake. With Kyll gone, she had to pull double shift on all the cleaning duties of the guild! So that included cooking, cleaning and dong dishes. In fact it would be near midnight before her exhausted self could finally take a shower and sleep.

    "Tomorrow will be another day. Hope it will be bright as this day was."


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