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    The Second Date (Privite/Axilmeus)


    The Second Date (Privite/Axilmeus) Empty The Second Date (Privite/Axilmeus)

    Post by Guest 24th February 2015, 5:16 pm

    Quincy prepped her hair behind her head to put it in a pony tail as she stared at the mirror on top of her dresser. It wasn't every day she would actually get ready to leave. Normally she would just change clothes and walk out the door. But she had another date with the cloud make mage. They haven't seen each other in well over two months and Quincy did not like that because Cyrus is such a good person.

    She readied the dress as she ran into the other room to fetch some makeup she was going to put on. As she threw the dress over her head she snagged the box from on top of a table and started applying it in the mirror. She was in such a rush to get ready that she forgot to eat all day. Once her makeup was on she started to brush her hair to make it look neat and presentable to match her dress. She really hoped Cyrusl would like it. After getting ready she rushed over to where she had a full body mirror and started to twirl around to get a look at herself as best she could. She let out a quick chuckle and spoke lightly "I hope he likes it"

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