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    Snowy Cottage

    Izagai Nami
    Izagai Nami

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    Private Snowy Cottage

    Post by Izagai Nami 23rd February 2015, 3:39 am

    To build a college. This was the request that was made for today, and in honesty, he wasn't too bothered by it. He had to help build several houses in his time, and even better, was that tehre was no show off to "help" by doing all the work with magic. While the Raven haired man who walked to the foot of the mountain, and scanned the path area for any signs liked magic, he felt that solving EVERY issue with magic was down right lazy if it could be done by hand, and done well at that, then he preferred that over a lazy magician doing a half assed job really fast with magic.

    The young man found the sign now, it was faded, but it clearly pointed towards the mountain village. It was always convenient to have a sign when near a mountain. He would have hated to have gone down the wrong trail and have to turn around and try again. But, the man took his time as he walked up the path, that while it hand railing, he stayed away from the edge as much as he could, hugging the mountain's wall in order to better brace himself. He understood the railing was there to stop him from falling, but he wasn't a cripple. He could damn well make it up the mountain on his own time without having to hug a railing that could give way. at any moment.

    The walk up, was cold, and as he walked, the sapphire eyes of the boy noticed that there was more and more snow about him. He shrugged off the cold however as he wrapped his scarf a bit tighter about and tossed the limped left side of the scarf around one more time to provide a little extra warmth. He didn't bother to take into account the weather, as his foot wear, which covered neither his toes nor heels, while providing enhanced grip on the terrain, made his feet suffer from the cold as he trudged his way through more and more snow. He cursed himself for not thinking ahead, but kept on going as his sapphire eyes scanned about for any sign he was getting closer. Really all he saw as more and more snow, rocks, and a couple of sturdy trees that knew how to grow in the mountain sides. He took note of them, he would have to take inspiration from them when he wanted to make more equipment, as well as remembering to prepare himself for the cold of the mountain the next time he intended to take a job on the side of said glorified hill.

    However, despite his mental complaints, he kept walking, and eventually made it to the designated spot where he met the Son of the man, who seemed to be waiting. As the raven haired young man approached, the client's son, Ninko, seemed to pay him little to no mind, that is until he walked to about ten feet of the man when he suddenly seemed to realize his presence, and waved to him, with a mildly confused look on his face. The look was likely warranted by the fact that he seemed to be the only mage that had decided to appear to take the job. That or he was surprised to have any help whatsoever, given his grandfather asked for mages to not use any magic at all to help with a house. The request itself warranted a chuckle from the young man when he thought back on it, but he kept it to himself as he walked to the man, holding out his right hand to Ninko, a middle aged man, gangly beard, seemed to keep the rest of his amber colored hair short, but was built a bit like a tree, as he was just all around thick, and as silent as one as well.

    Ninko took the Raven Haired boy's hand and spoke with a gruff tone*" You a mage?"* To this the sapphire eyed boy nodded, brushing some of his own long black hair to the side from his face with his left hand before speaking to Ninko*"The name is Izagai Nami, and I'm here to help."* To this Ninko gave a slight nod, as if slightly disbelieving in the young man, but led him all the same to a beaten path that led off the trail. Izagai could only thing "great more walking" as they went through more snow and stone, but to Izagai's relief, they were not walking for too long before reaching the already half made cabin.

    Ninko didn't really say a word as he walked on and immediately got to work, working with a giant of a man with a well groomed long white beard, who lacked any real hair on his head, at least from what could be told from the thick hood he had on his head. Izagai shrugged and walked forward and aided the older man in lifting some logging onto a sled, and helped steady the log as it was drug over to the cabin. Odly, the older man just rolled the log off and left it next to the cabin, and began dragging the sled back to the large lumber pile. Each piece was cut rectangular and well to fitting at the edges, but as Izagai walked back to the log pile he turned his head and his sapphire hues widened as the clients son hoisted the log up in two hands and placed it on the lowest wall, at about chest height. Mountain men were scary.

    The older man finally spoke after he realized Izagai had stopped to watch, and gave a hearty laugh*"That's What a real man does! But we ain't done yet youngun, git over 'ere!"* Izagai snapped out of his train of thought that was something along the line as employing mountain men with large blades as part of his future guild and sped on to catch up with the older man. He helped the older man lift another log onto the sled and they drug it on over, however this time they didn't just hoist it up by hand, instead the son was walking back as they where coming with their own sled, a long tether in hand, and Izagai could only figure he intended to drag another piece of lumber along the snow, which in retrospect was getting easier as the snow was getting flattened out, and he had long forgone feeling in his feet, though in secret, he used his special ability to turn the toes to wood each time he stepped in order to keep them from getting frostbite at this point, he just had to be careful with the old man. If he got caught, he could pass off the wood feet as necessary prosthesis he had gotten from the neutral grounds.

    But, No such question came up as he and the old man continued to haul the lumber back and forth time and time again to add to the pile near the cabin, but Izagai noticed something different about the cut of this lumber, and it was that it was rounded at the top. Perhaps they were nearing making the roof? Izagai's suspicion was soon confirmed as the old man signaled him to come to the wood pile where the proceeded to rest the lumber longways against the house, one at a time. Now the old man waved for his sun to come over, who nodded as he drug back something tied to the line he had taken some time ago, and Izagai only stared as the man drug back a large wood burning stove on a sled, but he knew why the son had a large tether of hide and rope, as the rope on the sled that was used to bring the wood stove was puny.

    The son walked past them, and into the who that was left for the door to be placed later, and pulled the lsed to the outside of the door, before turning about and picking up the stove with his bare hands, and lifted it through the door. Izagai could only guess where he placed it in the Cabin, as he and the old man where on the only side of the cabin whose lumber had not been cut to accommodate any sort of view. But he heard the son fiddling about in there, but the older client gave no mind, as he whistled to Izagai, and was preparing to lift a log up to slide it on the roof, to which Izagai aided in, and as they slid it up, Izagai saw the tether go around it, and they found it easier to push the roofing up, although Izagai didn't help much after it was at the point of needing to just slide, as he would wait to help with the next seven. The lumber was heavy, but it made for good roofing.

    After sometime, they finished the roofing and to that, Izagai nodded as the older man looked to the son and nodded, prompting the sun to walk over and pass Izagai the Jewels he had accepted the job for. While there wasn't much communication, Izagai liked these man, they didn't talk much but they seemed earnest. But now that he had his jewels, it was time to be off. Izagai about faced, giving the two men a half salute with two fingers as he walked off, turing his feed to obsidian as he walked. He wanted to get feeling in his feet. He dreaded the cold he would get from this particular venture. [i]Reminder to self , wear climate comfortable shoes next time[i]

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