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    Time To Bid Farewell.

    Zoe Schiffer
    Zoe Schiffer

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    Time To Bid Farewell. Empty Time To Bid Farewell.

    Post by Zoe Schiffer on 22nd February 2015, 9:05 am

    As the topic says, I'm here to say my goodbyes.


    Just for a temporary while though.

    Yup, this is a message is for a hiatus, not a permanent farewell.

    So, you must have already guessed by now, that I am going on a hiatus. There are a number of reasons for this. The first and foremost, as well as the most prominent, being school. This is basically that time of the year where everyone is hella busy with school and so am I. I've come to notice that I have been neglecting my studies a bit and not putting full effort into them, mainly because my incentive to do work starts diminishing very quickly due to my want to come to this site. This site is very distracting because it's that awesome; I'm sure not only to me but to a lot of people. Not to mention, continuous events and competitions being held in school which I am a part of, in both, organizing and performing, along with tons of assignments and 3-4 tests a week is a lot of work to do. Like, a lot. And I can't afford to neglect this anymore than I already have. A stupid move on my behalf but now, I've come to realize that this can't go on anymore. Up until now, there hasn't been a negative impact on my grades however, there is a chance it could happen. Hence, as they say, it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm going to be concentrating on my academics and school for a while or at least, until things settle down a bit and most of these school events are over (which are becoming a serious pain >.>)

    Another contributing reason for my hiatus, is my health. Over the past few weeks, I've been falling sick more than usual and that's because I don't really take care of my health much, and take too much stress which mainly, comes from school. My poor immunity system doesn't help at all in this case. So, I think I should concentrate on getting rid of this stress, and that can only happen once I handle all my school work. So hopefully, by this little break, I can make my health system, such as my diet and stamina, better. Another contributing reason is that I also need to handle some personal issues that I really need to sort out fast. They're getting somewhat, out of hand. Mainly my own personal feelings so yeah.

    So, mainly due to these reasons, I decided to go on a hiatus to handle everything. Plus, my motivation to RP in general is pretty low. However, I will be back once things settle down a bit and that will be most likely be around the second or third week of March. Till then, if not completely, then I will be mostly inactive. Just a note that this applies to Skype as well – I won't be coming online on Skype much either. Though, I will be checking it from time to time, so if anything important has to be relayed, send me a message and I will reply (maybe), though it may take some time; again, not sure how much.

    Also, to those I am on a mission with or those whom I have promised to post; trust me, I will get to posting; and before this week ends. Just give me a little time. I have a lot on my plate right now. Though, I will get to posting soon so do not worry and just be a little patient. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    And yeah, I guess that's it.

    See you all in March then.

    With love,

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    Time To Bid Farewell. Empty Re: Time To Bid Farewell.

    Post by Hikachu on 22nd February 2015, 9:39 pm

    Why're many people leavinnnnnnggggg ;w;
    But you need to take care of your health, gurl, and study hard! I know you're the smart panties. You can beat those asses! Come back soon! D: I'll miss you a lot woman.


    Time To Bid Farewell. JhB4MAf

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