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    Hakora Pendragon

    Hakora Pendragoon
    Hakora Pendragoon

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    Hakora Pendragon Empty Hakora Pendragon

    Post by Hakora Pendragoon on Sun 22 Feb 2015 - 5:03

    Name: Hakora Pendragon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Birthday: 4/22
    Sexuality: straight
    Special Characteristics: Large scar from his chest and

    Hakora is a kind and kindred sprint, but also struggles with arrogance or overconfidence  from being a Prince and former Rank S mage. He is a relentless optimist who wishes to protect and help anyone in need. Although his heart may be in the right place, his naivety and optimism rub people the wrong way. He talks and acts before thinking, unintentionally causing trouble and putting others in danger. He is wise from his years of being an Ace, but being in a whole new realm where magic and the laws of the world leave his wisdom to sometimes be quite the opposite. His goals are to return to Edolas and free his parent's kingdom from Lance Benwick. He has a very clear sense of morality and values that matches his former nobility in Edolas. He puts honor, brotherhood, and duty above all and would never fight someone unless there is no other option. In Edolas he never liked transportation, but now with a dragon slayer Lacrimal in him he becomes sick which has developed a distrust in transportation.

    Back in Edolas, he was concise red a leader due to being a prince. He was known as a leader who expected a lot out of his followers, but even more out of himself. Dispite this, he aims to be very fair and understanding when his followers have reached obstacles and are having a hard time overcoming them. His goal as a leader is to not only make people strong mages, but to also bring out the best in them and show them that no dream is impossible.

    In battle, he is calm and tries to reason with someone to prevent fighting, but if he must fight he does not hold back no matter who they are unless it is the other Hakora. He learned of Hakora Rhapsodos and what made him the shade of Savage Skull and the story is so similar to Pendragon that he feels for Rhapsodos and wants to save him even though Rhapsodos can't be saved he will always try. This is not to say that if Pendragon had to kill Rhapsodos to save everyone he wouldn't, but it would be after he tried everything else.

    Girls, like every red blooded, straight man, he likes them. Though he is not your typical anime guy who is a perv and gets a nose bleed at the sight of breasts. In fact, he would turn away in respect if a lady accidentally lost her clothing which happens in Fairy Tail. He tries to be respectful and curtious to women especially the ones in Blue Pegasus.

    His one bad or odd habit is one you would not expect by looking at him; smoking. He is not exactly a chain smoker that where he does it all the time, but during off time he can be seen with a pipe or a cigerette. The best part is his dragon slayer magic burns any harmful chemicals before they can damage his body so he gets all the benefits and none of the negative effects.


    • Fire: Being a dragon slayer, he loves eating fire, but unlike the anime Natsu, he prefers to do it in a more civilized way. There are many food dishes you can make that are fancy and must be lit on fire for show and usually you wait for the fire to die down, Hakora eats the fire.

    • Smoking: After a long day, Hakora loves to enjoy a nice pipe and maybe read a book or newspaper to unwinded. He is respectful enough that if the smoke bothers someone he will put it out.

    • Blue Pegasus: It took him a while to warm up to them, but after losing everyone you love and your parents, finding a family in Blue Pegasus was a breath of fresh air and he would do anything to keep them safe.


    • Lance Benwick: (refer to history) Lance Benwick was the man who waged a 2 year war against the Pendragons and killed Hakora's wizards and parents. He banished Hakora and took over Edolas.

    • Hakora Rhapsodos: Even though he wants to try to save Rhapsodos and bring him tot he good side, he hates him. He has heard of all the evil things the shade has done and all he has killed and will stop him no matter what.

    • Transportation: As a Dragon Slayer, he gets motion sickness in a mode of transportation.


    • Save Edolas: He wishes to return and recapture his kingdom from Lance Benwick.

    • Stop Hakora: He wishes to clear his name and stop his Earthland counterpart from hurting so many.

    • Protect Blue Pegasus: He wishes to keep his new family safe from harm.


    • Transportation: Come on, do I really need to explain why he fears this? Dragon Slayer.

    • Not being strong enough: He fears that when he returns to Edolas he won't be strong enough to free it.

    • Running out of tobacco: He fears he would forget to buy some more and not have any when he returns after a hard job.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 175 naked
    Hair: brown and medium length with a slight spikiness to it.
    Eyes: Sky blue
    Skin Tone: Tan
    (It won't let me post a picture yet)

    Guild: Blue Pegasus
    Tattoo: Over his heart and blue
    Rank: Rank D
    Hakora Rhapsodos
    Hakora Rhapsodos

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    Post by Hakora Rhapsodos on Wed 25 Feb 2015 - 5:06

    Polite bump


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    Post by Rosetta Crawford on Wed 25 Feb 2015 - 17:40



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