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    Bully get punked. (Job)

    Felicity Vrago
    Felicity Vrago

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    Bully get punked. (Job) Empty Bully get punked. (Job)

    Post by Felicity Vrago Fri 20 Feb 2015 - 21:33

    Katherine was tired, exhausted and with no magic to speak off. She was drained of everything that made her strong and thus was regulated into doing minor D-rank jobs that were boring, but would give the guild much needed reputation. Katherine sighed, it was time to get the show on the road after all. She looked at the guilds list of jobs and sighed, "Requires magic, requires me to be able to fight back and I am not dressing up for cosplay are you crazy?" She sighed, this was going to be one of those long and boring days for her. Grabbing one of the fliers that read that they needed help to stop some bullying, she immediately decided this was as good as it was going to get. She could put the fear of God, or in this case Goddess, and help a boy deal with his bullying problem. She left her sword and armor behind as Katherine knew she would not need them to help deal with the little upstart.

    Katherine did not feel like flying, it was too exhausting to do such a thing. So she walked down the mountain range and to the town below. The guild felt hollow, empty even with Kyll, Zeno and Akryn gone. Hell she may miss even Kiba if he was not as much of a stick in the mud. Katherine sighed and continued on her way. This was going to be hard for her, all the depression and loneliness in her heart gave an anguish that only an angel could feel. Why did she have to go like that? Why did she have to abandon them without a word...? Katherine simply stopped and rubbed a single tear from her face. It was hard to see people come and go like that, especially people that were so dear in her life. Why would she even want to continue her escapade in Fiore? Katherine looked at the guild from afar, change was coming with the new leadership under Deniel. A much needed breath of fresh air of the new generation taking over. Was this the symbol of the times or was she just now a remnant of the past? Time would tell with the new Eclipse Soul... Hope that the crumbling walls of the ideology of redemption remained. Would it last? Only time would tell.

    Katherine met the little kid with eyes that screamed fear, this girl was living in fear. She had several bruises on her arms and what could only be described as a kid that lost all hope. Katherine looked at the girl straight in the eyes and asked, "So tell me your story. What happened to you and what is your name." It felt draining being around her, the pain of both the guild and this girls pain was too much. Yet she heard her words with a quiet contemplation, "My name is Alicia and there is this girl Bethany that is always beating me, taking my money and breaking my toys. Its not just me that she has done this to, but I am lately her new toy. I have collected as much jew-" Katherine put a single singer on the girls lips to shush her, this was not to be rude. Katherine's pale face looked at Alicia and gave a small smile. It was to reassure her as she said, "I do not need a reward for an act of kindness. Just know that I can make sure Bethany will never hurt another girl again, in fact I would be surprised if she bullied anyone again." Katherine walked into the schools playground and pulled up her hood to cover most of her face. She did not want to be identified in any possible. She looked at the sheet one more time with the picture of the girl and identified the bully. A tough porky girl with muscles for her age, she was compensating for her ugliness with bullying. Jealousy perhaps? It mattered not.

    Katherine approached the girl right when she was about to bully someone else and looked at the ground. "Bethany this is the Angel of Death and I have seen you been a naughty girl." Grabbing the girl and pressing her against the wall she continued, "You been hurting so many people that they started praying for help. And so they sent me..." At that moment her black wings cropped from her back and Bethany started crying, even wetting her pants a bit in the process.  Was it mean? Yes, but someoone had to scare the girl straight. Katherine let go, "You are given one more chance Bethany, any bad things you do. I will watch you. There will be nowhere on this world for you to run. No magic that can hide you. You will not like it when I come back." And with that she took to the air and flew off, scaring one more bully away from the world...


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