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    Creation of the Azeron Alliance.


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    Private Creation of the Azeron Alliance.

    Post by Elijah on 10th February 2015, 12:42 pm

    An ominous wind moved through the surrounding trees, the rising moon lit up the surroundings with it's faint glow, with a cloud blocking the light every now and then. It was the middle of the night, as silence had taken over the surrounding of the Nazo portal. Only the trees and the grass moved in the wind, not a soul in sight. But a man, in a black suit, was laying down on a nearby stone wall. His face covered by a shadow, cast on him by a nearby pine tree. He hadn't moved from the position for hours, as there was good reason to let the time pass, while laying on the cold stone. A reason, which could plunge Fiore into darkness, if all the man hoped, would come true this night.

    As the man waited, a flashback was playing in his mind. A visit to Nazo, through the same portal he was now waiting near. This visit though, had been much more than a simple exploration trip, like he had originally planned. It had all started in the guild hall of Basilisk Fang, a small letter had been delivered there, addressed to the guild master. The letter had contained information from one of the few scouts of the guild, who had entered the Nazo portal and found something, which was indescribable. This all had sparked great interest in Elijah Iscariot, the guild master of Basilisk Fang. With a quick letter sent back to the scout, Elijah had made his way to the portal, where his underling had waited at. Now had been the time, for the master to see this colossal thing.

    Awe had struck Elijah, as his eyes laid sight onto the massive structure. He moved closer, placing his hand against the structure, feeling a great surge of power through him for a second, before pulling back. This was it, a tool, which could help shape Fiore to something Elijah wanted. But before he could put it to use, there had been two loose ends to tie. The first being the scout, he could tell someone, but this had to stay a secret. So with a quick strike, Elijah had ended the scout's days, with the same blade, that was used to kill the last guild master of Basilisk Fang. This tied one of the loose ends, the other though, was much harder to tie.

    Having exited the portal and clearing all evidence of him being there, Elijah had made his was back to Basilisk Fang. His mind still focused on the monument, the guild master took upon the task of calling together the other dark guild masters of Fiore. This was to be done with a simple letter, asking for a meeting and possibly a deal of cooperation. The letters were addressed to the respective guild masters of both Savage Skull and Tartarus, then sent off with messengers to deliver them.

    The meeting was to happen in two weeks, on the night of the full moon. And the full moon had risen fully to the sky now, as the man laying down on the stone wall, lifted his head up, with a grin on his face. Now it was to happen, a meeting which would decide a pact of alliance between the guilds of Basilisk Fang, Tartarus and Savage Skull. But it had another meaning to it, the letter had mentioned the monument on Nazo and it's possibly help in all of the goals for the guilds. This had been the second loose end, help, and the other dark guilds, had seemed the best option for Elijah.

    Jumping down from the wall, Elijah adjusted his suit, flicked the long black hair aside and walked in front of the portal. The grin staying on his face through all of this, it was all going according to plan so far. Now all he had to do was to wait for the other guild masters to arrive.

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