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    Cut Down On Activity Empty Cut Down On Activity

    Post by Alito on 9th February 2015, 11:34 pm

    As you may know, my first year of university ended in late September, and the second year (for me) will not begin until next September, meaning I have had about 5 months of freedom from that pain and suffering as of now, the only exception to this freedom being my job at a pizzeria. Anyways, I have come to realize (while it was available luckily) that I really could be doing something better with my education, even if more classes leave me to boredom everyday, and so I have registered myself for an improvement course in my biological studies. These classes only occur twice a week, but for four hours each day. However, because the time is so small, I REALLY need to devote my time into the course, as it will not raise any grades, but give me a boost for my second year in Bologna (not the meat).

    So yeah. I haven't really put myself in that many threads, regardless of my extreme activity on the site, so this should not be an issue; especially for a specific person who seems to be busy with her studies too. I will still post on the site in the meantime, and make my next character when I rank-up, but that will be all. Well, I will be on skype too since I always seem to have it on. Thank you for understanding (hopefully), and I shall try my best to keep in touch!


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