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    Weapon app (ready to be checked)


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    Bump Weapon app (ready to be checked)

    Post by GlitchHellingway on 9th February 2015, 10:05 pm

    Name: Switch gloves

    Rank: weak

    Type: glove blades

    Description: The glove is black, leather and fingerless. A small button is situated near the palm. When pressed, a set of switchblades extend from the knuckles. There are four blades in total, each about 12 inches long, the Blades cannot be shot out of the glove, and it is used only for quick self defense if magic cannot be used at the moment, the gloves will be used for short range defense, such as a fist fight without magic.

    Strengths: you can hide the blades,
    is good for stealth attacks,
    is good for sudden attacks

    Weaknesses: can only be used for short range attacks,
    the glove can be cut,
    the button on the palm of the glove can be jammed,
    the blades may cut the users hand.
    Abilities: None

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    Bump Re: Weapon app (ready to be checked)

    Post by Godlike Frederik on 10th February 2015, 10:41 am

    I need a bigger description, starting with what the weapons means to the user. Like is it merely a tool, or are the gloves going to be entangled with the characters entire fighting system.
    As well explain how it is used in combat, is it only for close combat only like in a fist fight. Or can the blades be shot away as well.

    Generally go a bit more in depth with what you can do with them, and how they are being utilized

    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Bump Re: Weapon app (ready to be checked)

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 16th December 2017, 5:21 pm


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