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    Archeological Excavation for the second time! (Decayuss)


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    Archeological Excavation for the second time! (Decayuss) Empty Archeological Excavation for the second time! (Decayuss)

    Post by Decayuss on Sun 8 Feb 2015 - 23:21

    Job Information:
    Job: Archaeological Excavation!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1 - 3 Mages. 10 post minimum. 160 words min per post.
    Job Requirements: You have to be at least a D rank mage. Find the remains of the ancient creature and bring them to the professor.
    Job Location: Forgotten Desert.
    Job Description: An archaeological professor has stumbled on a dig site in the Forgotten Desert. Somewhere burried in the sand are the remains of an ancient creature. The professor asked for capable mages who can help him excavate the creature.
    Reward: 750 Jewels each.

    After a very long and restless night of almost little to no sleep, the morning came by once again. Deniel had no idea just how much time had passed, so he often got up from his bed and walked outside just to see if the sun was up or not. Countless times did he find that it was still very late at night. Deniel almost rejoiced when he saw the very first hint of daylight. Still, that was far too early to do anything. Another thing that made this very unhealthy for Deniel is he didn't eat during the entire day yesterday, and he didn't seem to be showing any signs of wanting to eat today. Not even breakfast. Deniel was getting very restless and impatient as time went on. He couldn't stay in bed for more than five minutes. It was on a very rare occassion that he actually fell asleep, but that didn't last much longer than anything else. While all of this happened, Nidhogg was forced to watch, and he knew that he couldn't do anything about it. If he tried talking to Deniel, he might just get yelled at. So the sword watched idley as Deniel pretty much started to slowly kill himself. He wasn't sleeping, he wasn't eating, and he was never still. Nidhogg couldn't necessarily figure out what in the world was wrong with Deniel either. He didn't know what made this so sudden. He remembered that not too long ago, Deniel was enjoying himself, he was kicking ass. It was almost like he was at his prime. And then right after that, he was met with a downfall. Now look at him. "It's pathetic watching this kid...Throwing his goddamn life away! Whatever is left of it, that is..." Deniel didn't hear Nidhogg because he didn't care about anything else. He was like an addict, wanting nothing more to get his new dose of whatever he was addicted to. And that certain addiction seemed to be his thrill. Deniel couldn't seem to get enough of a thrill out of anything, so he was just resorting to small and very short doses of it. Again, like an addict. Nidhogg almost couldn't bear to watch Deniel. As he got up over and over again, his eyes glowing in the dark. He could seem them twitching, he could hear him moving around, he could hear him sighing, and worse of all...he could feel everything.

    Deniel was tearing himself apart, as much as he didn't realize it. And he sure as Hell didn't. "ERRRGH! THIS WAITING IS MAKING MY SKIN CRAWL!" NIdhogg through that it wasn't as bad if Deniel would be getting this from killing. Otherwise, he would have gone on a psychotic outbreak and start killing everyone. And that would be three times as worse as what he's doing now. Regardless, it was still a pretty bad habit to be in. Nidhogg was trying to think of a solution as to what Deniel could do to occupy himself instead of a job. Nothing seemed to be coming to his mind, though. For now, as sad as it was, this was Deniel's only option and his only solution. To get very brief and small doses of that thrill he loved. Of course there was always the option of him simply not trying to get it, but the craving was just too much. Eventually, it would get worse and worse and worse, until he couldn't take it anymore. So as terrible of a situation Deniel was in, Nidhogg had to admit... "In his condition, it's still the best he could be in. And I'm thankful for that."

    Getting back on track, daylight had finally hit. And it wasn't just dawn, the sun was up. It was about 8 AM, and Deniel had already picked out a job. Once more, it was one that he already completed. "YES! ALRIGHT! ANOTHER JOB! HAVE TO GO! HAVE TO GET THAT THRILL! NEED IT! I NEED IT!" With that being said, Deniel grabbed the job sheet, and ran right out of his room once more. The only thing is, this time he didn't bring Nidhogg with him. The sword was left there, leaning against his bed. In the dark cave. Alone, without his master. Deniel left it behind with no regard as to what it was saying, or how it felt.

    Once outside, Deniel used his White Angel Take Over, and took off again. He had already been to the excavation of the professor, and knew exactly where it was. Deniel was wondering how the good professor was doing, anyway. If he had managed to fishing digging out the original fossil. If he dug for more. If he found more, actually. Well, if he gave out another job request, then he must have come across yet another bone. And it was up to Deniel to dig it up. Well, whatever worked for him, Deniel was going to take. He was in a very desperate mood right now. His flight was unstable, and very prolonged, too. When he finished arriving at the dig site, he landed himself right in the middle off it, and took off his Take Over. In just a few short moments, the professor came out from his tent, and saw Deniel. "What on Ea--....Deniel!? My good boy, is that you!?" Deniel was still slightly insane. So when he nodded, his body twitched a bit. The professor came over and gave Deniel a big hug, and patted him on the head, even though Deniel was taller than him. "My boy! How have you been!? You look...hmmmm..." The professor took a closer look at Deniel, and didn't like what he saw. His skin was even more pale. His body couldn't stop moving. His eyes were twitching. Hell, even his already scrawny figure was worse. "Oh dear. My boy, what have you been doing to yourself!?" Deniel's red eyes widened, and one of them twitched. "Wh-What are you talking about, professor? I feel fine. PERFECTLY FINE! HAHAHAHAHAH!"

    The professor took one big step away from Deniel. Now the boy was seriously freaking him out. Once he stepped away, though, Deniel took a step closer. He put his hands on the professor's shoulders, and bent himself down a bit so they could see eye to eye. "So I see you have a job request again! HAH! Wh-What do you need done, professor? HEHE! HEHEH! AHAHAHAHAH!" Now that the professor took a closer look at him, he could also see bags under the boy's eyes. It was obvious he was also getting very little sleep from his days. The professor pointed to the cave that Deniel had dug up earlier. Now it had been expanded upon, with several paths, more work done to it, and a larger entrance. "Ummmm...I've already found the bone. I just need you to get it out of there for me. Think you can do that, my boy?" Deniel nodded at the professor and started to walk, almost run, to the cave. Once he was gone, the professor had time to ponder and gather his throughts about what just happened and what he just saw. He put his hand on his chin and began to think. Clearly Deniel wasn't in his best condition, but it wasn't someone who put him in that condition. He did that all himself. Which was even worse. What did the boy do to make himself like that? What was Deniel up to?

    Meanwhile, inside, Deniel made his way down the very large path. Almost an entire crowd of people could fit inside. Not to mention the extra paths that were carved out. It was much better than when Deniel first came here, which was a simple cave that was dug only a few feet deep. That didn't matter. When Deniel finally reached the end of the path, he found a bone, three times his size. It was unearthed, no rocks surrounding it, and all it needed was for someone to pull it out. And that someone was going to be Deniel. Without hesitating a single moment, Deniel grabbed on to the part of the giant bone, which he had no idea what it was a part of, and started to tug on it. With his great strength, Deniel was able to move it without a problem. He was even able to pick it up eventually and walk with it. In just a few minutes, he came out of the cave and into the blistering heat of the desert. A heat that didn't bother him. He dropped the bone on the ground right in front of the professor, and peaked around the corner. "THERE YOU ARE, PROFESSOR! ONE BIG ASS BONE! NOW GIVE ME M-MY REWARD! HAHAHAHAHAH!" This time, the professor had plenty of time to think regarding Deniel and his current state. A job was a job, and a deal was a deal, so he gave Deniel the jewels anyway. But before Deniel could take off for no reason, the professor stopped him.

    "Hold on, Deniel. I think you should stop and look at yourself for a second." Deniel took the professor quite literally, and looked down. He looked back up and shrugged. He didn't see anything wrong. "Look at what you're doing, Deniel. You're fasting. You're staying up too late. You're insane! You're twitching. You're yelling! You're angry! I don't know what's wrong with you, but you have a serious issue. And it needs to stop before you kill yourself."

    Deniel stood still for a moment, and didn't say anything. Then he scowled at the professor, and activated his White Angel Take Over. "YOU DON'T KNOW ME, PROFESSOR! I NEED THIS THRILL! I'M NOT GETTING IT, EITHER! ERGGGH! THE FEELING I GET! NO JOB IS CHALLENGING ANYMORE! NOT D RANK, C RANK, B RANK, OR A RANK!"

    "Then try something new! Do something more--" Before the professor could finish, Deniel took off and started to head back to Eclipse Soul. He had enough of the silly nerd. He wanted to get back so he could go on yet another job and get more of a thrill. That one had given him a little bit of it, but it wasn't enough.


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