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    Guard my House (Kagura & Sinali.)

    Sarah McCloud
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    Guard my House (Kagura & Sinali.) Empty Guard my House (Kagura & Sinali.)

    Post by Sarah McCloud on Sat 7 Feb - 9:44

    Job Details:
    Job: Guard My House!
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: At least one C rank mage. 250 Words Each minimum, 20 Posts Minimum.
    Job Requirements:
    Must not be below C rank, Keep the house safe and do not let any items be stolen,
    Job Location:
    Peace Village
    Job Description:
    "Hello there, mage. I'm Mr. Watson, one of the richest businessmen in Fiore. I have a house in Peace Village which is under threat. Some thieves are trying to steal my prized possessions, and I'm not there to protect my household, for I am on a business trip to another country. Please, guard my lot for a day, and I'll promise to give some reward. Don't get yourself hurt, alright?"
    These guys aren't really powerful, so taking care of them is rather easy. They can show up in small to somewhat large groups, so be weary.
    Weak; 3
    Normal; 5
    Strong; 10
    Reward: 2,000 jewels

    Kagura was lounging when she was ordered to go on a job and out of necessity was asked to bring someone with them, out of her own curiosity she went to Sinali for that idea, "We get to butcher thieves and talk wanna do it?" She ended up going with her and they were off to Peace Village to guard a home from thieves how fun. After a bit of traveling and stares from people on the road as well since it was odd that a fourteen and eight year old were travelling alone they were able to reach peace village. As they were walking to the lot Kagura looked over to Sinali, "So back at the guild when i first arrived you were going to torture me but stopped when i said i was once a slave... Why?" She sighed normally she could give less of a damn about others but when a greatly feared person ends up stopping her rage at the mention of being a slave, "Cause if you know the people that did that to me... I will be happy to take anything you know so i can butcher them all." She laughed the idea of butchering the people who had brought her up as a sex slave were going to pay oh so dearly. After a bit of walking they got to the estate and she sighed, "I hope these thieves are gonna be fun... I can't take it when someone weak thinks they can do anything to me." She chuckled softly the idea that any common thief could give her a challenge is silly.

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