Into a new place [intro/open]


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    Into a new place [intro/open]

    Post by BurningButterfly on 2nd February 2015, 6:31 pm

    "Geez, this blizzard is getting stronger by the minute." She quietly mumbled to herself. Her hands were freezing, along with her legs which were rather deep in the thick snow. She lifted her arm up to try and keep the snow from getting into her eyes. Finally she had enough and put her head down, but she kept walking through the blizzard. Suddenly, she bumped into a large building that was hard to see with the thick snow blowing around. "What on earth...?" She looked up at the building seeing that it was a tall black building, covered in snow. "How on earth could I not see this when this was right in front of my face?!" She started screaming at herself and the building. Until she realized that she was also looking at the ground, which made her hit her head on the building before the rest of her did. 

    Rose walked down the building to see if she could find a door, with no luck, she turned to walk back to where she was originally. This time; however, she kept her hand on the building to help find the door. Her hand stopped at a door handle. "I swear this blizzard is making me about as blind as a bat." She grumbled softly. She took her feet and dusted the snow out of the way, which covered about half of the door. Rose quickly opened the door with the breeze shoving her in, along with slamming the door shut causing the room to echo.

    She slightly shifted her eyes around. She looked down a really long, dark hallway. Shivers went straight up her spine. She shook a bit hearing some footsteps echo down the hallway. "Uh, uh, uh." Rose quickly ran behind a pillar, trying to hear whoever was coming. She could hear chatter from two people. One of them sounded female, but the other she couldn't really make out. The first voice sounded a little bit familiar to Rose. She slightly peaked out from behind the pillar to see what she could, but she quickly pulled her head back behind the pillar. "Okay, just come out from behind the pillar, stop being a chicken...

    Rose finally took a deep breath and stepped out from behind the pillar. "T-that was me..." Rose mumbled, her cheeks a bright-ish pink. "Sorry for being so loud. I didn't exactly know if anyone was here." Rose slightly looked at her feet with her hands behind her back. She shifted her eyes away in embarrassment.

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