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    Deconstruction and Reconstruction [Janneline Ariel's Secondary Training | Solo]

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    Deconstruction and Reconstruction [Janneline Ariel's Secondary Training | Solo] Empty Deconstruction and Reconstruction [Janneline Ariel's Secondary Training | Solo]

    Post by Janneline Ariel 1st February 2015, 6:02 am

    In the depths of the Dark Forest, there, where nobody sane would set foot or even consider setting foot, stood a tall, dark building, eternally covered in shadows, a feeling of dread lingering in the air. Silent, on first sight one would consider that the place was empty, only inhabitated by rats or other creatures that traveled around the forest and seeked a place to hide from the predators, the cold, or the rain. However; as one approached, he would easily notice that the building was everything; but inhabitated. Dim, almost impossible to see lights could be seen from what could be described as the windows, shadows ocassionally passing past the windows. Despite the lights and shadows, the building remained ever so silent.

    In one of the rooms of the Savage Skull guildhall could be seen a girl, sitting in front of a desk, the entire room illuminated by a single lamp on the desk. Staring at the book on the desk, the girl would sigh, exhausted, and place her forehead against the book, closing her eyes in an attempt to concentrate. Her mind, haunted by troublesome memories and depressing thoughts, could not focus on the letters before her and learn them, causing the girl to shove the book off of the desk, making it fall on the ground, while she placed her elbows on the desk and rubbed her eyes, shaking her head. No matter how hard I try, I cannot concentrate... How troublesome. Slowly releasing her raven hair from the ponytail, Janneline Ariel, Pillar of Dancing Blades, would carefully place a crimson notebook back into her drawer, getting up. Barely wasting any time, she would go to her bed, curling up into a ball, while she burried her head in her knees, thinking. Her father was in Bellum. Nyx had told her. And ever since then, she had began getting weird nightmares and visions, capable of hitting her in any moment of the day. Regardless of where she was or what she was doing, a vision was able to hit her anytime, which was rather bothersome, as it presented a real peril when hitting her in the middle of a battle, giving the opponent time and the opportunity to attack without being countered. Weird visions of an unknown land, of an unknown man, and of an experiment... An experiment involving herself. Succumbed into thought, she got up and walked to the door, taking a bag with food and water she had prepared, as she was planning on going on a hunt tomorrow, although now, it seemed that she wasn't going to go on a hunt; but on an investigation. An investigation to find out who she was.

    Abandoning the halls of the ever-silent Guildhall, Janna passed a hand through her hair, placing it on her shoulder while walking, her steps ocassionally resonating through the forest when stepping on a fallen branch or leaves. Normal people would be worried if they did those little, "insignificant" noises, in the middle of the night, while traversing a forest filled with unimaginable beasts that would sprint to their target seconds after getting attracted by the smallest of noises. Yet, that was a normal person. Janna, who could summon an armory or weapon at the speed of light and defend herself almost without putting any effort in it, wasn't worried at all. It was as if she was defying the monsters to come at her, yet nothing approached. They were conscient of who she was, and the aura she emited would clearly show the clueless ones she was someone that was to not be underestimated. Glancing at her hair for a second, she noticed that the tips of her raven black hair were white. And more of her hair became progressively whiter with each step she took. Slowly, very slowly, indeed, she was turning into an albino. And that, was weird.

    Deciding to dismiss the weird, and sudden hair color change, Janna kept walking towards the nearest train station, holding her Passport, her breathing regular, calm. She was emotionless as always, not a single emotion, smile, tear on her face. Her posture, her attitude, even her look, reminded everyone of a military, and sometimes, she really looked like one. Obedient. Loyal. Ready to fight until death. She was a Military in a Guild. Leaving the Spooky Forest, and Savage Skull behind her, Janna gripped her passport, as if it was some sort of a support for her, while she kept getting closer and closer to Bellum with each step. The nearest train station where she could get one of those mana-fueled cars was in Clover, a city Janna attempted to avoid, due to the fact that it was where the Blue Pegasus Guildhall was located, an Blue Pegasus and Savage Skull mages weren't on the best of terms; Rather, they were on 'Shoot on sight' terms. Careful, Janna pulled her hoodie over her face, heading towards Clover, determination in her eyes. She had to discover what was happening. Why she was suffering from those stupid nightmares. What they mean. Who she was. Her steps were quick, determined, her eyes focused on the path before her. She had to rely completely and only on her orientation skills in order to reach Clover, for the only map she wore was an Earthland map, and she wore it in order to know how to reach Bellum. She had glanced at the map before leaving, and the fact that Bellum was so far away from Fiore annoyed her. It was right next to Pergrande, and Pergrande was so far away from Fiore. The amount of Kilometers Janna had to walk or travel terrified her, and made her conscient that she'd need a few days to arrive in Bellum. And who knew how much time she'd need to find her father upon that? Nyx mentioned that Erio Ariel, her father, was noblety, highly respected in all Bellum, yet how could Janna know if that was true? How could she know if he was still alive. Nyx had assured her he was, yet, was Nyx a Goddess someone could trust?

    ... No, she wasn't. Which was why Janna was doubtful that this whole travel would have any utility. Yet she had to try. The nightmares were torturing her, and she couldn't keep going on like this. Nightmares were to Janna a proof of Mental weakness, as someone who allowed their own mind to torture them in such a way was not a sign of mental fortitude. A mental Weakness, the roots of which Janna had to dig and discover, and go over, for she couldn't let something as simple as images in her head, imaginations, to control her, to torture her. She couldn't allow it.




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