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    Ukan, The Guardian From the North


    Pretty as a peach 1

    Pretty as a peach 1

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    Completed Ukan, The Guardian From the North

    Post by Kihia 31st January 2015, 5:18 pm

    Rank: Legendary
    Species:Wyvern Subspecies
    Type:Combat Pet
    Ukan, The Guardian From the North 400px-MH4U-Ukanlos_Render_001

    Ukan is normally very talkative although depending on his current size he can scare people with the boom of his voice. He is typically 30 meters long, 25 meters tall and eight meters wide, but with the help of a special magic trinket(listed below he can change his size to fit where he needs to), he is typically friendly, enjoying a good talk, when he wants to fight though he will do so head first, assisting in any way he can.
    Frost Breath:
    Name:Frost Breath
    Rank: A
    Description:Ukan will stomp his front legs a bit and take a deep breath, he will then exhale letting out a plume of ice dust and snow. The ice cloud will travel for a few meters, covering an area ranging from 3-50 meters wide, 4-60 meters long, and 2-40 meters tall,(depending on the size he takes on) This attack deals A rank damage and slows down those affected by 20% if they are not resistant to ice.(has the option to ignore the Size mechanic, effect and damage for Social interaction only)

    • Versatile attack in terms of its area of effect
    • It is completely fluid in nature, letting it be able to fit in numerous spaces
    • Slows those inside the ice cloud by 20%

    Duration: Three Posts
    Cooldown: Five Posts

    • Can easily be blown away by any wind based spell
    • Fire based spells will cause all the ice particles to melt and nullify the spell completely
    • Allies caught in the cloud are also affected by it
    • if an Enemy is resistant to ice or cold in some form they are not affected by the slowing effect

    Rank: B
    Description: Ukan will roar and continue to growl afterward as he continues to store up his own magic power, as he does he will start to glow a bright blue light, when he has stored up enough magical power he will raise his right foreleg up(which transfers the glow to that leg) and then slam it down onto the ground. Then a shockwave will be emitted and as it travels from his being spikes of ice will erupt from the ground, these spikes are roughly one-ten meters tall, and the shockwave travels for five-fifteen meters With five rows of spikes erupting as the shockwave expands,(one every 1-3 meters). If someone is caught when one of these spikes erupts they are dealt B rank damage and is knocked into the air for the height of the spike.

    • Effective AoE attacking, possibly covering a wide area depending on his size
    • Creates five walls of ice spikes possibly separating allies from enemies if needed
    • Knocks those hit the spikes into the air,

    Duration: One Post(Ice Spike rows last for four posts)
    Cooldown: Five Posts

    • After it is cast, it makes it hard for Ukan to move around regardless of his size
    • The rows are easy to destroy, only needing one spell to blasé a hole through one,
    • The rows pop up at a fixed interval, making it easy to predict and avoid
    • Allies can easily get caught in the attack,
    • the shockwave by itself deals no damage or knockback


    Kokorin Amulet(Legendary Item) :
    Name: Kokorin Amulet
    Type: Brooch
    Ukan, The Guardian From the North Sn_trefoil_brooch
    This brooch usually sits on a small indentation on Ukan’s chest, it gives him the power to grow and shrink at will, at his full size, the brooch is about one meter long, and a few hundred pounds of enchanted metal. When he is in his smallest form, this brooch is only a few centimeters big.

    • It can be rather hard to steal considering its size or weight
    • Gives Ukan the passive ability to change his size at will
    • Any Equipment attached to Ukan will also grow or shrink with him


    • Ukan has a bad habit of easily losing the broaching making it hard for him in some circumstances
    • If he isn’t wearing the brooch he will have no way to change his size
    • The brooches effects only work on Ukan, not even he knows why
    • The Metal the brooch is made out of attracts lightning magic easier

    Abilities: Size Change: The amulet gives Ukan the passive ability to change his size at will, this ranges from his real size(described above), and the size of an English bulldog(about sixteen inches tall) and every point in between, this greatly aids him to be able to adjust himself for any situation or building for that matter.

    One Size fits all: Alongside the Size change on himself, the amulet affects the size of anything he is wearing making it fit him at any size, but additionally this also affects his abilities and attacks, adjusting the size of these attacks depending on his current size

    Carek, Crown of the North(Legendary+ Weapon):
    Name: Carek, Crown of the North
    Rank:Legendary +
    Type: Enchanted Monster Crown
    Description: This crown fits snugly on Ukan’s brow, with a brilliant sapphire in the middle of its silver frame, it holds no inherit physical advantages for its power is held within the gem that sits in it.

    • It doesn’t look like a weapon
    • Can’t be taken off no matter his size
    • Can catch people off guard, when Ukan uses its powers


    • Provides no physical benefit for Ukan
    • if the Gem is blocked the abilities it holds cannot be used
    • The reflective nature of it gives him away when he tries to hide in dark places
    • Can intentionally draw lightning spells to Ukan making him get hit

    Glacial Cannon:
    Name: Glacial Cannon
    Rank: A
    Type: Ice: Offensive
    Duration: One Posts(Ice Lasts for three posts)
    Cooldown: Five Posts
    Description: The sapphire of the crown starts to glow a brilliant blue light, Ukan will roar then a sphere of magical power will come out of the sapphire, hang there for a second then fire off towards his target. The orb ranges from one inch to four meters wide, and is capable of traveling for twenty meters before detonating. The orb will detonate in a one-thirty meter area explosion of ice, leaving the ice it creates in the area, this attack deals A rank damage.

    • Versatile projectile spell, that dramatically changes with his size
    • Leaves an ice structure at the point of impact
    • Creates a substantial explosion for such a small projectile


    • If detonated point blank, it will give Ukan a nice Ice toupee and damage him
    • The spell can easily be blown off course by high winds or Wind based spells B rank or Higher
    • Allies can get caught in the blast,
    • Light based slayers can eat the glow from the initial sphere,

    Frozen Prominence:

    Name: Frozen Prominence
    Rank: A
    Type: Ice: Offense
    Duration:Four Posts
    Cooldown:Five posts
    Description: This spell can only be activated if Ukan is bigger than three meters tall, to do so Ukan himself will let out a mighty roar , the crown will then start to glow, this glow will then extend to Ukan’s entire body. Then a layer of ice will form on most of his body, forming a layer of ice armor on himself, this armor doesn’t protect him from attacks, infact it dramatically enhances his fighting strength. It gives him a long horn of ice he can use to ram opponents as well as a jagged and rough ice shell that deals damage to those who touch it. The armor covers his back, head, and tail, however not his legs or his underside. Contact with this Ice deals A rank damage on impact. The horn itself ranges from a half a meter to five meters depending on his size,

    • Strengthens Ukan by 30%
    • The ice that covers him turns him into a relentless battering ram
    • The horn of ice that is formed can be used to break through numerous non magical reinforced walls and structures


    • He can only use this spell when he is a certain size or bigger
    • Affects Allies as much as enemies
    • Doesn’t protect him from damage
    • any fire based spell can melt through the ice plating and ruin its effect


    Ukan, The Guardian From the North Kihisi10
    Ukan, The Guardian From the North 17496c10


    Introduction/Plot point:


    Ice Make: Knight:

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    Completed Re: Ukan, The Guardian From the North

    Post by Felicity 2nd February 2015, 7:40 pm

    Ukan, The Guardian From the North Va5ylrb


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