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    Tea with an old woman

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    Tea with an old woman  Empty Tea with an old woman

    Post by King Gil 28th January 2015, 7:55 pm

    Job: Tea Time With Granny!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements:
    Single, can be done in 10 posts with 150 words each or just one post with a word content of 1500
    Job Requirements: Must be D rank and is not guildless, must tell the client
    Client Name: Current Guild Master
    Job Description:
    Your guild master asked you to babysit his/her dear old grandma. She is quite fond of telling stories so be ready for story time. If your guild master's grandma likes you, she might get in the word with your master to get you off floor duty for a week.
    Enemies: None
    Reward: 500 jewels

    Gil Vessalius was a man of great pride, integrity, good looks, and of course a great sense of fashion. Which was why the blonde haired, crimson eyed man was in a rather expensive clothing store in Magnolia. Money was no object to someone like Gil so the ridiculous prices of the store didn't even make him blink an eye. So lost in a decision between one fur lined coat and another that he didn't notice the intense stare of a rather sketchy older woman who was also in the shop. The old woman's gaze was fixed on the crimson red mark upon the back of Gil's neck. Under normal circumstances the guild mark rarely if ever showed itself upon Gil's skin, however he wasn't wearing his usual coat to cover it up. Instead he had a well fitting, white, long sleeved shirt on. Which left his guild mark completely visible for the world and more specifically that woman to see.

    Gil grabbed the dark fur lined coat that he had been eyeing over for what seemed like hours and made his purchase. He paid no mind to the ridiculous amount of zero's on the price tag and simply slid over a bag of jewels to the shopkeep. With purchase in hand the kingly man exited the store and got perhaps a few feet away from it when a frail old voice stopped him.

    "You! Tartarus mage!"
    Gil never stopped for anybody or anything unless it benefited him to do so. After all, a King should not stop for the people, the people should stop for the King. However, this was the first time that anyone had ever recognized the guild mark upon his neck and actually voiced their recognition. In one quick turn, Gil as face to face with an elderly woman. "Disgusting. Look at those wrinkles. I'd rather die than become old like that." Despite her obvious age, the woman was dressed extremely well. "How can her weak neck support so many necklaces?" Gil quickly pushed the pointless thoughts away. What should be concerning him was the fact that this woman knew who or rather what he was. "Who are you? Why shouldn't I kill you right here and now?" His voice was a deep rumble as he glared down at the old woman, nearly a foot and a half shorter than himself. Tartarus was still a guild that clung to the shadows and he couldn't exactly have some old woman yelling about it in the streets.

    "Oh my hahaha silly me~! I saw that guild marking and blonde hair and I thought you were my little Lysie~!" The woman laughed pinched Gil's cheek between her bony fingers. "But now that I look closely you have red eyes and you might be a little too tall to be my Lysie~!" She held his cheeks in between both of her bony, pale, and wrinkled hands. "Your nose isn't nearly pointy enough to be his!" She pinched Gil's nose as well."Buuut you do have the same strong jaw though just like my husband~!" The woman paused for a moment as she examined Gil's features. Just as Gil was about to snap at the woman she spoke up again with something that sounded completely insane, "He went off and had a son without telling me! My little Lysie is a father!? He couldn't even tell his poor little, old grandmother about this?"The woman sniffled her previously happy demeanor fading just like that. Gil wasn't about to console the woman or anything, he something far more important to address then some old woman's tears.

    "Your little Lysie? You wouldn't happen to mean Lyserg? Reich Lyserg? The Guild Master of Tartarus?" Gil kept his voice down and took a step away from the woman alarmed at both her knowledge of the guild and the fact that she dared to touch him. "And son? I'm the son of-"Gil stopped himself, he was not going to speak about his true father to some strange old woman who was so blind that she thought Gil and Lyserg looked similar. "As if I could ever resemble that man. Hmph! I'm far more attractive."

    "That's him! My adoring little grandson~! I'm so glad he has a fine young son like you to take over the guild~! Soon he'll be getting wrinkles just like me! I'm so happy that he still thinks of me enough to send you over and keep me company! Come we must have some tea!" The old woman had apparently forgotten hear earlier 'sadness'.

    "Wait! I'm not his son and-"The woman had looped her frail arm into Gil's own strong one. "Keep you company? I-"Gil was actually fumbling for words and worst of all he was letting this woman drag him to a nearby cafe. Soon enough the two were seated at the cafe and Gil was torn between being dumbfounded and incredibly angry. How could he let some old woman get the best of him!? He was a King! He shouldn't be letting some old lady push him around! "But she's not just some old woman. She's Lyserg's grandmother. I suppose this is my chance to get a little bit of info on the infamous guild master of Tartarus." While Gil had joined Tartarus and met with the guildmaster her still felt as though he didn't know much about his fellow blonde haired man. With that Gil put his game face on, "So tell me grandmother dearest," He might as well play the part of a great-grandson of sorts if that's what she thought he was,"What's one memory of Lyserg that you love the most?" His smile was charming to say the least.

    "Oh what a good boy you are! You know not many children these days care to sit down and here some stories from an old woman like me." Some tea was placed down in front of them. Luckily the old woman poured the tea for the two of them, there were some things that even Gil wouldn't do. "My fondest memory of my little Lysie? I have to say it's when he would ask me to read him stories to help him fall asleep~! Or the one time he fell and scrapped his knee~!" The woman proceeded to talk Gil's ear off. She told him countless embarrassing stories about her grandson but alas none of it was what Gil expected or wanted. Though they were rather amusing to say the least. Just the mental image of the current Lyserg, with a bib on and everything had Gil actually smiling. His smile was quick to ware off thought as the woman droned on and on. "I want to know what made Lyserg the way he is now! Not what he was like as some snot nosed brat!" Gil wanted to scream at the woman but it seemed like she was done for the day. "Thank you again deary for spending some time with me! Come here! Give Grandma a big hug!" The woman hugged Gil without Gil's permission. For a moment the blonde man paused a horrified and somewhat disgusted look passing over his features before he hesitantly returned the hug. It was warm, safe, and comforting. When was the last time Gil had hugged someone or someone had hugged him? A dark expression fell over Gil's features, King's were not supposed to allow people to hug them. None the less the embrace almost felt nice, almost. The old woman soon departed, hobbling her way off leaving Gil alone at the cafe with a cold pot of leftover tea.

    "Waiter bring me alcohol. The strongest you've got!" Gil ordered the waiter who seemed to squeak and dash off to get Gil's order. Gil needed more than just a drop of liquor after the hell that he just went through. Finally, the waiter returned bring numerous shots of liquor with him.

    "I feel ya buddy." Gil's eye twitched at 'buddy'."That lady is incredibly rich but really lonely. Her husband passed away about ten years ago and ever since then she's been crazy. She spouts a lot of non-sense and says she 'dreams' of things. A lot of it's a bunch of crazy talk if you ask me! You were a good sport though! The best I've seen yet!" Gil gave the waiter a confused look,"You're not the first young person she's managed to trick into having tea with her. She's just a crazy lady but she's lonely so I'd cut her some slack." At that moment another customer yelled something at the waiter,"I have to go!Just call me if you need anything else. It's on the house after that performance of yours!" The waiter left a stunned Gil behind.

    "So she's not Lyserg's...Then...How does she? Dreams? Does she see these things in her dreams?"Gil's thoughts and questions grew i number. "I wonder if I should tell Lyserg about this?" Gil took one shot, downing it with ease. "Probably not." Gil didn't want to appear weak and look like a fool to his guild master, or anyone for that matter. This little incident would be quickly swept under the rug with a little bit of alcohol to help. Then again......"I guess I can bestow this knowledge upon him...." He'd make Lyserg work for it though. "I'll just say I know something really important and then I'll....I'll....Tell him if he tell me...Stuff!" Gil hiccuped as the last of many shots was downed. This wasn't the first time he had gotten horribly drunk and formulated a horrible plan to match. Perhaps he should just stick to wine?


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