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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight


    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight Empty Wanted: Jacob Goodnight

    Post by Guest 27th January 2015, 6:14 pm

    The bustling of Hargeon Town settled to a lull as the moon began casting its mad gaze down on the people. Everyone knew what nighttime meant: Jacob Goodnight. He was a grizzly killer, a psychopath at best, who stalked and murdered the fair people of Hargeon Town, particularly those closest to the lower docks. Thus, when the town bell rang out to signal that it was eight, the citizens scurried into their houses like mice running from a cat. They turned off every light in their house – maybe Jacob wouldn’t think they were home? Nothing could be heard, save for the swishing of the waves against the harbor and the barks of a few ignorant dogs. Every now and again, a random curtain in a random house on a random street would twitch, with occupant desperate to see if the killer was lurking outside.

    Enola Gay, a woman almost as foolish as the dogs, casually walked among the roads leading to the lower docks. She dumbly investigated every house she passed.

    Knock. Knock. The door cautiously creaked open, a head poking out of it bashfully.

    “W-what’d you want?”

    With a stupid grin, Enola greeted, “Good evening! I’m looking for a Mr. Goodnight!” She produced the wanted poster from her pocket and held it up to the man’s face to compare the two.

    She pouted, “Oh. You’re not him. Sorry to disturb you.” The man slammed the door before she could even finish her sentence.

    It was like that for several hours throughout the night. She’d knock, compare the wanted poster with the face of whoever answered, and the door would be slammed in response. Many, however, didn’t even answer the door.

    “Hey, you!” Enola spun around toward whoever was calling her – it was a guard.

    “What’re you doing!? It’s past curfew! Get inside before you get your head cut off!”

    “But, sir, I’m looking for a Mr. Jacob Goodnight!” She showed the guard her wanted poster, which he responded to with first a gasp and then a laugh.

    “Lady, Jacob Goodnight will tear you in two if he sees you. He probably bench presses people your size. Now, go home.”

    “I’m afraid I can’t do that until I find Mr. Goodnight.”

    “Listen here, I’m only going to tell you one more time. Jacob Goodnight…!”

    Enola gave a questionable stare at his sudden pause. He turned as white as a ghost and wide-eyed as a doll. When it was clear he wasn’t looking at her but behind her, Enola twisted around to see what was so spectacular – it was none other than Jacob Goodnight, standing ominously in front of Enola.

    Enola held up her hand with the poster and compared it with Jacob Goodnight, who simply stood there with a hateful frown on his face and a chained meat hook in his hand.

    “Hey, you’re the guy I’m looking for! I’m going to need you to come with me, Mr. Goodnight.”

    Without a word, the meat hook went flying down in an arc.

    Reacting with swiftness, Enola hopped back, dodging the hook but losing her poster. Despite his size, Jacob Goodnight was not at all slow – giving Enola no time to counterattack, he plunged forward and grabbed the mage by the hem of her uniform, tossing her several feet into a brick wall with a loud thump.

    By the Enola had roused to her feet, she was met with a most peculiar sight: the guard was running away down the street.

    “Where are you going!? Aren’t you going to help me!?”

    “I don’t want to die!” He was gone, leaving Enola and Jacob by themselves in the middle of the street.

    A frustrated sigh escaped her mouth. I suppose everyone has their fears… She reached into the side pocket of her uniform, this time pulling out her trusty feather duster. With the press of a button, the feather duster snapped and expanded into a large spear – it certainly surprised Jacob.

    “Now then, Mr. Goodnight, if you won’t come peacefully, I can’t be held responsible for whatever befalls you.”

    Apparently he didn’t appreciate the arrogant threat. He tucked his meat hook onto his waist, replacing it with a sizeable meat cleaver; and like a bull, he rushed Enola with a copious amount of rage filing his eyes. The woman positioned herself in a battle-ready stance and tightly gripped her spear as the killer closed in on her.

    Closer… closer… closer… now! Whith Jacob just in reach, she swung her spear with the intention of whipping her attacker’s shoulder. Instead, Jacob grabbed the spear, plucked it from Enola’s grip, and threw it out of the way.

    “That… that wasn’t supposed to happen.” Jacob ignored her remark and swung his cleaver at the center of her chest. As with before, Enola tried to hop backwards to avoid the strike but found herself pinned against a wall.

    “Ugh!” She winced and placed her hand on her stomach, the blood sliding through the crevices of her fingers and staining her white apron. A small chunk of her flesh – as well as her uniform – had been ripped from her abdomen… and it stung!

    Enola, through the unbearable pain, looked upward as Jacob raised his cleaver for another strike, this time aiming for her head. With not a place to flee, she closed her eyes…

    Dust to Dust!

    With the cleaver inches from her head, Enola exploded into cloud of dust and forced Jacob into nearly falling backwards in confusion. The cloud rushed roughly twenty feet away before materializing back into Enola’s body, the blood still dripping from her wound. Jacob stared her down.

    “Magic…” Jacob’s might have been unsettling for most, but Enola was seated in anger – Jacob had ruined her uniform, and she intended to make him pay for it. “No matter… I’m still gonna kill you.” He meant it too. With the meat cleaver in hand, he charged her once more.

    Dust Bunny Easter Egg!

    In one quick moment, a dust bunny ball flew at the killer, who seemed rather confident to strike it in midair. Boing! When the cleaver and ball collided, a mesh of dust entanglements expanded and latched on to unsuspecting Jacob. It definitely slowed him down, but Enola wasn’t finished.

    Dust Buster!

    Just as well, Jacob attempted to knock the crescent of dust with his cleaver – this time, he was too slow. The crescent plunged into his chest and knocked the air out of him, forcing him onto the ground. With an opportunity in reach, Enola limped over to her spear and plucked it from the ground. By the time she reached it, though, Jacob was already back up. Blood was oozing from his mouth and the dust entanglement had worn off. He was pissed.

    “You little… COME HERE!” Again, he rushed at her, his entire face seething in rage. He almost looked like an animal.

    “Gah!” Jacob tumbled down on to the ground as a white pain pulsed through his ankle. He resentfully looked back at his foot: Enola had thrown her spear like a javelin and struck his ankle. He was practically handicapped.

    She hobbled over to her would-be-killer. He, of course, raised the cleaver in his hand but his crippled position made him tremendously less threatening. So much so that Enola slammed her foot down on his hand.

    “Aagh! You runt!” The woman looked down on her own bloody uniform, inducing her to stomp harder.

    “Do you have any idea how much a maid’s uniform costs!?”

    “No-uuugggh! Get off my hand!”

    Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

    Roughly ten minutes later, a band of guards showed up – the cowardly guard with them – and took Jacob into custody, though they had to temporarily restrain Enola to do so.

    And that is how Jacob Goodnight became known as One-Handed Jacob.

    HP: 70%
    MP: 65%
    WC: 1309

    Spells Used: Dust to Dust; Dust Bunny Easter Egg; Dust Buster

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