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    Deliver My Letter!


    Deliver My Letter! Empty Deliver My Letter!

    Post by Guest 26th January 2015, 11:48 am

    Enola suckled on the spoon of ice cream, savoring the sweet, vanilla flavoring. She winced as a large glob slid down her throat with a freezing aura.


    The bells to the door of the ice cream parlor went off as another customer entered – it was the client. He was a young yet meager looking man who appeared to be dressed for a date.

    He awkwardly approached Enola’s table, though nearly stumbled over, and nervously asked, “You... you’re the mage from Lamia Scale… right?”

    Enola reluctantly separated herself from her bowl of ice cream and responded, “Yes, indeed I am! Enola Gay at you service.”

    “Ah. Sorry I’m late… I was fixing up my letter. Making sure all the grammar was correct.” He took a seat at Enola’s table and sat like a statue. He slid the letter across the table with caution as if he were making an illegal transaction.

    “So, will you deliver it?”

    “Uh huh.”  She took the letter without quarrel and nearly placed it in her pocket until her client stopped her.

    “Wait… actually, could you double check the letter for me? Make sure it’s, you know, romantic?”

    She slid the letter open. It read:

    “Dearest Clover,

    I’ve missed you since the day you left Magnolia Town. You might not remember me – I was your neighbor when we were kids. You remember, don’t you? You use to play ball in your backyard and I used to watch from my yard.

    Anyway, I’ve been watching your rise to fame ever since you released your first album. It was so beautiful to listen to, almost as beautiful as you! Oh, Clover, how I’ve longed to stroke your long, pretty hair! And if your latest picture in Fiore Monthly is any indication, your hands are still so cute and dainty. Your boobs have gotten bigger than I remember, but that’s okay.

    I’m sending you this letter in hopes that you might come to dinner with me. I’ll even let you pick where we eat. And if we hit it off, maybe we can be exclusive?

    Your truest love, Dan.

    P.S. I’m spending all my money to have this letter sent to you, so please don’t pick someplace expensive to eat.”

    Enola raised her eyes from the abomination of a letter.

    “What’d you think?”

    “I think… it’s so romantic!” That wasn’t sarcasm either. Enola had never seen a love letter, leaving her a little ignorant in terms of what constituted romantic and what constituted creepy.


    “Yeah!” She hugged the letter to her chest, wishing someone would write a letter of similar quality. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure this letter reaches Clover.”

    “Great! She’s at the town square. She’s going to be performing a concert in about an hour. Can you get it to her before then?”

    “You bet! True love will prevail!”

    Minutes later, Enola found herself staring down a roaring crowd of teenagers chanting “Clover” over and over. To the best of her ability, Enola began penetrating the crowd, apologizing to everyone she bumped into at the same time.

    “Pardon me.”

    “Excuse me.”

    “Sorry, won’t happen again.”

    After navigating the sea of people, she reached the entrance to the backstage… and it was guarded by a whole line of guards, each twice Enola’s size. She blinked in amazement at the impossible situation. How in the world was she to get past them?

    An idea came to her, an epiphany if you will. She walked around the building leading to the backstage until she found a lone, open window. Bingo. Enola glanced once to her left and once to her right. Satisfied that no one was watching, she closed her eyes for just a second…

    Dust to Dust!

    Her skin went from a cool white to a dark grey, her clothes as well. Her body quickly dissolved until she was nothing but a floating, sentient cloud of dust. Enola, now in dust form, floated upwards and forced herself through the open window.

    Once her body had reformed, she found herself in a neatly-kept hallway, save for the dust that now littered the floor. She inspected the rooms around her, searching for Clover’s room. Nothing. She peaked around a corner. Nothing once again. Another corner… eureka! There was a large, fancy door with a star on it. The center of the star had the word “Clover” imprinted on it. Unfortunately, a pair of patrolling guards were walking down the hallway toward the corner Enola was peaking behind. Enola panicked and darted down the opposite way, though she found that guards were also walking down that hallway as well.

    Enola looked around, desperate for a place to escape. The window above her had closed, knocked shut by the wind outside. Then, a shining metal object caught her eyes: an air vent! Following the most logical course of action, Enola turned her body back into a dust cloud and forced herself through the vent. The security guards never saw a thing; although they were rather perplexed by the large amount s of dust on the floor.

    Enola navigated the vents to the best of her ability until she found Clover’s room. Clover was seated in comfy stool and busy writing in what appeared to be a journal, making her comically unaware of the dust cloud filling up her room. Once the entire cloud was within the room, it began coming together to reform Enola’s body.

    “Ms. Clover?”

    “Ah!” Clover jumped up, dropping her journal to the floor. “How-how did you get in!? Who are you!?” She eye Enola up and down, a tad disturbed by the mage’s grey skin.

    “I’m just a simple messenger of love.” Enola produced the love letter and handed it to Clover, who was more than a little skeptical. Clove inched her hands outward and took it.

    She looked down and, after rereading it thrice, gave a sickly look. “This is... um, nice. But I’ve already got a boyfriend.”

    Enola looked on with disappointment and sighed, “Oh. Well, thanks for your time.” And with that, Enola once again exploded into a dust cloud, covering the entire room with more dust. She went out the same way she came in: the vents. Eventually, she escaped through a vent that led outside before her spell ended.

    She hobbled toward the ice cream parlor, somewhat overtaken by misery. The sound of the concert could be heard for miles.

    He’s going to be really disappointed to hear the news…

    Then, a light clicked in her head. She pulled out a pen and notepad and began scribbling a message.

    “Dear, Dan.

    I must regret to inform you that my schedule prevents me from dining with you. Please, do not cry for me. Maybe one day we can be together. We might even have children (ten would be nice). I know how much you desire to run your fingers through my hair, but alas, it must wait.

    Your loving admirer, Clover.

    P.S. the messenger could use a tip.”

    Enola smiled, unbelievably impressed with her sub-par writing.

    Ring! She entered the ice cream parlor, that same grin still planted on her face.

    Dan waved her over. “Enola! How’d it go!?”

    “She wrote you back!” Enola showed the letter to Dan, who snatched it as quickly as the laws of nature would permit. His eyes seemed teary at first, but they gradually lightened up.

    “I’ve waited years for Clover so far. I suppose I can’t wait a few more.”

    “That’s the spirit! Now, let’s talk about payment.”

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