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    Riley Wolfe
    Riley Wolfe

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    Completed Midori

    Post by Riley Wolfe 25th January 2015, 10:42 pm

    Name: Midori
    Rank: Strong
    Type: Sword
    Description: It has plant-based magic. Wolfe carries it strapped to her back, the sheath being a plain silver one. The strap attaches to each end, and she wears it so it angles across her back, with the hilt peeking over her right shoulder.
    Midori Periel_sword

    • Thin, so it moves swiftly through the air.
    • Wolfe can use her Whiplash spell attack through the sword by extending the tip of the sword towards her target instead of her palm.
    • It is strong against earth magic.
    • Weak against fire magic. If broken by it, it can be fixed good as new.
    • Extremely weak against ice magic. If broken by it, there is a 50/50 chance it cannot be fixed.
    • The metal, while being easily sharpened, needs to be sharpened often because it is softer than most. While dull, it loses 25% of it's power.
    • If It isn't oiled, yes you oil swords, regularly, then the sword looks like it's wilting. Like it wasn't watered. When it is in this wilted state, it loses 25% of it's power.
    (The reason for the difference is if a plant is burned, it can grow back, depending on the plant. There are even some plants that need fire to grow. But if a plant freezes, it will never live. The cells explode and are irreparable.)
    • Can resist C Rank Spells
    • 1% HP Regen per post, while Midori is drawn.

    Name: Whiplash
    Rank: D
    Type: Plant, Offensive
    Duration: One post
    Cooldown: Two posts
    Description: To cast, Wolfe will thrust her arm out, palm open and forward, and a magic circle appears on her palm. This spell causes vines to shoot out of Wolfe’s palm, which she grabs and swings at the target, knocking the target back. The speed is like that of a whip, and the target has to be at most 20 feet away. Once she has attacked, the vines retract and disappear.
    • Designed for close combat, this spell is a great knock-back attack.
    • It has a slight chance to stun an enemy, which gives Wolfe a better chance to dodge their next attack.
    • She can attack multiple enemies with this attack, say if they were in her field of view. She cannot attack one target, then search for a new one. It needs to be in one motion.
    • The target has to be visible, and Wolfe needs to be able to “lock on.” If the target is moving too fast or is hidden, Wolfe can blindly attack, but there is very little chance she will hit them.
    • While she is attacking, Wolfe can’t defend herself from other attacks. So if she was attacked from the side, while she does have a free hand, she can’t do anything but dodge, which might cause her initial attack to miss.
    • She cannot be walkign around when she uses this attack, as she needs to be able to keep her balance.
    • Wolfe can sometimes misjudge her attack, causing the whip/vine to come back around and hit herself, injuring her as well.


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    Completed Re: Midori

    Post by Hikachu 28th January 2015, 7:47 pm

    After talking things over PMs, this is now considered as.....

    Midori URAkUNP


    Midori JhB4MAf

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