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    Akira Tatsumi

    Akira Tatsumi
    Akira Tatsumi

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    Post by Akira Tatsumi 25th January 2015, 7:53 pm

    Akira Tatsumi  Leonhard-Saijo-mahouka-koukou-no-rettousei-36897090-476-268
    Name: Akira Tatsumi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Birthday: 4/26
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Special Characteristics: N/A

    Personality: Akira for the most part is a calm and fun guy who doesn't mind hanging out with anybody, as long as they aren't rude to him. he doesn't discriminate based on anything, and loves to make as many friends as he possibly can, since it is never fun to be alone and it is always a good thing to have backup, in his opinion. Of course, anyone he gets well acquainted with who has not used any time to better protect themselves from the dangers of Fiore will be harshly lectured and then optionally trained by him, but it isn't so bad once you just realize that the guy just really cares for your well-being, as Akira knows how important ever life is, and will try his best to ensure that the death rate is lowered, or at least wherever he is around, which is Fiore in this case. Along with protecting the people of Fiore, Akira also like to search for adventure wherever he can find it, in order to find lost secrets and treasures that many have attempted to, but failed. Since he is basically a man of freedom, he does not like the fact that the magic council acts all high and mighty and tries to govern every magic guild, and will try to stop them in anyway without doing any physical damage. This doesn't mean that he wants anarchy, but Akira just wants equality in the land. His brain always tells him it will never work and to just go along with the grand flow of things and accept the magic council, but his body knows that it isn't an option and continues to find an alternative. Aside from fighting for the rights of Fiore, Akira also likes to fight in general, as it is like a second language to him and it has been ever since he was just a boy. It was the only way he knew to protect himself from those that wanted to hurt him and his family, and it stuck with him, eventually causing him to be the mage he is today. He hasn't perfected his fighting ability, but he trains everyday.

    Speaking of fighting, Akira doesn't just go in charging when he does. Instead, he thinks about the situation first, including how many enemies there are, the strength of each one if he has that information, and the amount of allies on his side. After taking a few seconds to do that, he then formulates a plan in his mind, whether it be before the fight starts or as it is happening, and then attempts to execute it. Of course, there are almost always backup plans if the first doesn't work, which might not work as good as the main one, but are still effective nonetheless. when being lead by a leader he moves how they tell him to move and attacks how they tell him to attack, trusting their judgement, and if that fails, he attempts to regroup with the leader of the battle and suggests other actions. If he is leading, than he expects those following him into battle to do what he tells them to do, and if they don't or the plan fails, he thinks up some more ideas until they win or lose the fight. Usually if the team doesn't form a leader-follower formation, then Akira thinks of it more as a brainstorming situation, where everyone can suggest ideas and they are executed on the spot, if there is not a better idea.

    + Fighting: Ever since Akira was a small boy, fighting was like a second language to him. It was also something that helped him cope with being bullied.
    + Strong-willed people: Akira appreciates anyone who has a will to fight for what they desire, no matter what it is for. He will even congratulate a criminal if he believes they have done well in the occupation.
    + Books: When he isn't off adventuring, Akira can usually be found near a tall tree, sitting against it and reading a book. His favorite genres are action/adventure and romance.

    - Magic Council: Akira doesn't like the magic council for a lot of things. For one, they attempt to control the magic of Fiore for themselves basically, and another thing is that there are various rumors of corrupt operations inside the council.
    - Cowards: Akira cannot respect anyone who is not willing to train and fight, as he knows that anyone can be strong if they practice. Though he won't mind defending them, he won't like it either.
    - Bullies: Akira can't stand anyone that uses their powers to boss around people who do not wish to follow their orders. When there is a chance to strike them down, he will take it.

    + Power: While he isn't power crazy like some people, Akira still has a drive to obtain more and more of it, but just for curiosity and to protect himself and Fiore.
    + Adventure: There isn't anything Akira loves more than adventuring throughout Earthland. He has only been in Fiore his home land, but soon he wishes to expand. He lives for finding new things and secrets about the world he resides on after all.
    + His Guild: Akira is also motivated to go forth every day with the help of his guild, who support him every step of the way.

    - Pitch-Black: One of the most fearsome things that Akira has never successfully challenged was his deathly fear of utter darkness. Whenever he is surrounded by it, and cannot see even a hint of light, he feels like he is being consumed by something really evil.
    - God-Like entities: Akira's attitude towards most enemies is that if they are mortal they can be beaten, no matter how, but fighting an enemy with powers that rival a god, if any, would scare the shit out of the young man. He has no confidence when it comes to fighting an enemy that just can't be beaten.
    - Losing Memories: A thing that allows Akira to get up and feel happy is the memories of every single adventure he has been on, but if something happened that would take those away, he would lose his sanity for sure. Of course he wouldn't remember, but he doesn't quite get that, so bare with him.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6'11"
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Hair: Chestnut
    Eyes: Green
    Skin Tone: Light

    Appearance: Akira is a light-skinned human with an athletic build, as he has played a lot of sports and worked out a bunch when he was younger. He has chestnut hair and green eyes, is 5 foot 11 and weighs 180 pounds. His facial features are of average, like his eyebrows, nose and ears. Akira's voice is in the middle of high-pitched and deep, and his skin is rather soft.

    His primary outfit includes a grey polo shirt with a black tie, a white overcoat with green stripes over that, black flat front pants with a black belt and black-and-green shoes. Akira keeps quite a few pears of that in case they get dirty or torn during his fight, and when he is feeling for a change he puts on a black short-sleeved T-shirt that shows his muscles, with blue jeans and black vans. He also keeps a pair of black shades on him in case he needs to look more cool.


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    Approved Re: Akira Tatsumi

    Post by Felicity 26th January 2015, 12:29 am

    Nicely done~

    Akira Tatsumi  2Lh9N1X


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