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    A Perfect Little Angel


    A Perfect Little Angel Empty A Perfect Little Angel

    Post by Guest 24th January 2015, 7:05 pm

    The setting sun shot out its dying light upon the gaunt, hillside house. A lone woman – Enola Gay – walked along the winding, brick sidewalk leading to the humble home. Only the chirps of the emerging crickets and the claps of her footsteps could be heard as the rest of the world began to settle down for the night. Not Enola, though: she was on a mission.

    Enola approached the door, sent her hand into her pocket, and produced a flimsy note. Taking the mission to heart, the young mage double checked the address: the outskirts of Magnolia, check; a lone house on grassy hill, check; a blue lantern in the window? Her eyes darted to the window until they found the blue hue they were seeking. Check.

    Knock. Knock. Knock.

    She tucked the note back into her pocket as the assumed client answered the door.

    “Yes? Oh! You must be answering my job posting! Please, come in!” Before Enola could respond with more than a smile, the woman dragged her soon-to-be-babysitter into the house.

    “Please, take a seat. Jonathan and I are leaving in just a few minutes.”  And just like that, the woman was gone, having disappeared to the upstairs floor. When the momentary awkwardness settled, Enola did as she was instructed and situated herself in a cozy, red chair that sat in the corner of the living room. She took in the room and was thoroughly impressed with the family’s art collection, especially the painted family portrait that overlooked the lit fireplace. The painting included the woman that Enola had just met along with her husband, Johnathan, beside her and a small baby wrapped up in her arms. Enola wasn’t 100% certain, but she could have sworn the painted eyes of the baby were glowing red.

    The woman and her husband shuffled down the stairs in their best dress. They barely paid any attention to Enola as they headed out the door.

    Enola rose up from her seat in a hurry and hailed them, “Wait! Don’t you two have any extra instructions?”

    Johnathan turned around simply responded, “Katy and I will be back in three hours. Do be careful. The baby’s a handful.” The two parents walked off, leaving Enola and the baby to themselves.

    Almost instantly as the door closed, an infant’s cry went off upstairs.

    Poor thing must know that his parents are gone.

    Enola trickled up the stairs until she found the nursery. The floor was littered with baby toys, and the wall was covered with cute animal posters. In the corner sat a wooden cradle adorned with a metal plaque that read “Tincel.”

    “Aww! Come here, little boy!” Enola’s motherly instincts kicked in as she plucked Tincel from his cradle and coaxed him in her bosom, his cries muffled by the fabric of her uniform. She rocked her body back and forth as she tempted the baby to fall asleep in her arms. She even sung a short lullaby, but it was in vain.

    “I know what’s wrong: you must be hungry!”

    She walked back down the stairs and placed Tincel on the living room floor, careful not to place him next to anything dangerous. Then, she freely searched the kitchen for powdered milk, which proved to be a task in of itself. The whole kitchen practically had to be rearranged to find what she sought.

    These people could really use a maid to organize this place…

    When she had finally found and prepared the milk, a horrifying sound filled the air: silence. Alarmed by the sudden lack of crying, Enola rushed into the living to find no baby in sight.


    Enola started searching high and low for the missing baby. She began
    by moving all the furniture in the living room. Then, the cluttered basement which was filled with piles of old knick-knacks. Enola even searched Katy and Johnathan’s bedroom (for some odd reason, there were a pair of handcuffs under their pillow).

    Enola’s face went white when she realized she’d actually lost a baby. It was her first mission representing Lamia Scale and it was going so horribly wrong. Then… a giggle. Enola planted her face against a nearby window to see the source of the giggle: Tincel was rolling around in an old wagon just outside the house. She scratched her head, desperate to figure out how he got outside but ultimately sighed with relief. That is, until the wagon started rolling down the hill.

    “Tincel!” The young mage’s face went white once again as she forcefully raised the window and went into a deep concentration.

    “Dust to Dust!” Her skin and clothes began turning literally grey as it started to flake and crack until, finally, she had dissolved her entire body into a dust cloud. Enola, now a sentient cloud, flew out the window and toward the rolling wagon. She went past it with a “woosh!” until the cloud was at the bottom of the hill. The cloud condensed back together and reformed Enola’s body just as the wagon reached the bottom.

    Enola caught the wagon before it rolled off any further and laughed, “You almost got me with that!”

    She looked down at little Tincel, still giggling like a maniac baby. With her own chuckle, Enola lifted up Tincel and took him back up the hill, her skin and clothes turning back to normal as she skipped up the hill with a jitter. Once back inside, Enola looked down into her arms and found that Tincel had fallen asleep, puckered out from his little adventure apparently. It was as if he had no idea he almost died. Enola crept up the stair and placed Tincel back in his cradle, where he rested like an angel – or a devil masquerading as one. Back down the stairs, Enola sighed as she noticed the mess she’d made in her earlier search for Tincel. It was a good thing she was a maid.

    When the three hours were over, the house was spotless: Enola had not only cleaned her own mess but every other crevice in the house. It made Katy and Johnathan rather impressed on their return.

    “Tincel give you any trouble?”

    “Not at all. He was an angel.”

    WC: 1042
    HP: 100%
    MP: 87%

    Spells Used: Dust to Dust

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