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    Ambrosia's Avestrucera


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    Completed Ambrosia's Avestrucera

    Post by Ambrosia on 24th January 2015, 6:42 am

    Name: "Blue Balls"

    Rank: Weak

    Type: Avestrucera, a kind of bolas with two weighted wooden balls.

    Description: Two weighted wooden balls painted blue, strung together with tough cord. The holder wields it by the nexus and swings it to create momentum before hurling it at the opponent.



    - Excellent for mid-range and long-distance combat.

    - Backup for fighting even when magic power is running low.

    - Used to store Ambrosia's detonating elementals for her final attack.

    Weaknesses: ( List al of its weaknesses )

    - Not good for close-range combat.

    - Limited on the things it can do in combat without the aid of magic.

    - Needs to be repaired often.

    - Can be dodged with relative ease.


    - Used in Ambrosia's finishing move "Avestructura Stage Out!" when she activates the elementals within the weights and throws the weapon at her opponent, freezing them on contact.

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