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    Enola Gay's Bank


    Enola Gay's Bank Empty Enola Gay's Bank

    Post by Guest 19th January 2015, 8:57 am

    Enola Gay's Bank

    Enola Gay's Bank CjuHr9L



    Job History



    Home in Hargeon Town Arc
    Fruit for Lamia Scale - A maid joins the ranks of Lamia Scale.
    Adventurous Desires Form Here! - Enola Gay, Taraki Meyka, and Sinon Suzubeki unite around Shohei Kirsagi to form Team Leviathan.
    Encounters - A chance encounter between Enola Gay and a member of the dark guild Tartarus occurs.
    The Shadow on the River - Enola is saved by Daemon Spade, guild master of Surīpingu Mori.
    The Test of Courage - Kihia Avoa, the Hero of Courage and an ace of Lamia Scale, tests Enola.
    Wedding Crasher - Enola conducts a test of her own while escorting Blair Cure Désir on a job.
    A Matter of some Importance The guild hall comes under attack and Lamia Scale loses its guild master.

    The New Master Arc
    Wandering Swordsman Enter Lamia Scale - As Lamia Scale makes peace with the loss of Zuo Cii, the guild begins reconstruction and continues to grow.
    Find the Lost Puppy! - Enola puts on the Inopian uniform once more and joins Shohei Kirisagi on an adventure.
    It's Alive! - Enola brings her cousin back from the dead with the help of a mad scientist.
    The Leviathans' Feast - Team Leviathan welcomes its newest member, Hakumi Nazu.
    The Rarest Gem - As Enola and Hakumi set out to stop a treasure hunter gang, Enola indirectly becomes responsible for the death of Diamond.
    When Leviathans Go Camping! - After Taraki goes missing, the Leviathans gain a mysterious new member and take him camping.
    The Fire that Consumes You - Enola must put aside her fear of fire when she accompanies Aiyana to save Oak Town from fire mages.
    OCD - Kihia gives Enola another test.

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