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    Fairy Tail Member's List and Rankings


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    Lineage : Lucifer's Aura
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    Guild : Sabertooth
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    Mentor : Himself
    Experience : 7500

    Update Fairy Tail Member's List and Rankings

    Post by Meister on 15th January 2015, 4:01 pm

    Guild Master
    Nightken Blackwing (Nightken)

    Ace Positions
    The Architect - Elric Black
    The Wild Card - Heero Reyold
    The Heavy Artillery - Ebony Matsuna


    Heero Reyold (Heero-sama)


    Noriko "Chikane" Hitsugaya (Chikane)
    Ebony Matsuna (Leapflight)
    Leonard Dragonbane (Sir Leonard)


    Elric Black (Meister)
    Simon Baggon (Kirahunter)


    Daiko Seidra (Daiko)
    Victoria Anna Silvershield (IzzyxD)
    Rita Stebern (Rita)
    Lance Knighthunter (Lance Knighthunter)


    Zoe Schiffer (Zoe Schiffer)
    Neko Silver (SilverRose)
    Axel 'Crawford' (Dragofox)
    Shiraz Sucrose (Shard)
    Hareta Shinko (Blitz)
    Rin "Orin" Sanguinna (Sanguinn)


    Conrad Graecas (GraveDragon)
    Daiki (Daiki)
    Marielle Sky (marielle sky)
    Ace Archard (Shining Ace)
    Yumeko Tsukino (BriDeMa)
    Maltheus Grover (Maltheus Grover)
    Sukaze ¨Suki¨ Magato (GoodKidMaadCity)
    Ludrix Kastina (Ludrix)
    Hex D. Caster (Hex Caster)
    Suoh Lumiere (darkvirus)
    Misora (*~Misora~*)
    Kyoya Sinocchi (Kyoya Sinocchi)
    Sakura Abe (Sakura)
    Miharu Miyoshi (Miharu)
    Sakura Iris (Sakura Iris)

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