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    Post by Narcissa Black on 14th January 2015, 3:48 pm

    Nikolai Dixon wrote:Name: Nightingale
    Rank: Artifact
    Type: Weapon/Sword
    Description:In sealed form, Nightingale looks like an average katana. It is designed with a black colored blade, accompanied with a guard of the same color in the shape of an X inside a circle. The handle is red, with silver diamond-shaped metal embedded in it. The bottom of the handle is silver, and features a chain.

    In its Released Form, Nightingale retains most of its traits, excluding the blade itself. In order to unlock it, the user must chant "Sing For Me". At that moment, a purpled hued flame will cover the blade, and dissipate, revealing a blade which is colored black and white.


    • The fire that exhumes from this sword is literally waterproof. While this is outlandish for regular Fire, Nightingale's fire is much more powerful.(I'll go over it in the next strength.) The only water that can defeat it is magical water of above the user's rank. This meaning that you can't throw a bucket of water at one of its attacks and expect the water to go out.

    • Nightingale's fire is much, much stronger than regular red fire. If the two were to meet, the purple fire(Akuma Furea) would overwhelm the red. That is because the sword was forged in Hell, hence the release command.

    • Akuma Furea can cut through all non-magical metals with ease. That is because the fire contained in the sword exhumes an invisible aura, letting out energy to prevent itself from overheating. That's also why the sword seems to be cool at the handle, but hot at the blade. While non-magic metals may not melt easily, rest assured that Akuma Furea will slice through them.


    • The sword feeds off the user's spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is another name for MP, just so you know. I could compare this to starting up an engine. Just like a vehicle requires the proper air/fuel mixture to start up, so does the sword require spiritual energy to release. This makes that the sword depletes the user's MP by 10% upon calling out the release command.

    • If the user dies, this sword automatically breaks upon death. This renders the blade disabled and unusable for others.

    • All spells created by Akuma Furea take an additional 3% Magic Power to use.

    • Electricity can be channeled through Akuma Furea(It acts as a metal), electrocuting the user

    Boundary Break:
    Rank: User Rank Up to A
    Type: Offensive, slash
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: Three posts
    Description: By swinging the blade, Akuma Furea forms a slash which is colored red with hues of blue. If used as a long-range attack, the slash will fly in the form of an arch until it collides with an object.
    1. The slash is best for a close-ranged attack.
    2. This slash powerful enough to severely weaken walls, reducing their stability by 75%
    3. The slash is unaffected by regular water or fire.
    1. Draws 1% MP for absolutely no reason. Along with the sword itself leeching MP off the user, its attacks draw on the user's spiritual energy.
    2. This slash drops one rank in terms of power if used in long-ranged attacks.
    3. This slash can only be used twice before the cooldown to prevent Akuma Furea from losing too much energy.
    4. This attack is absolutely ineffective when used against Angelic-themed magics.

    Rank: User rank up to A
    Type: Offensive/Defensive
    Duration: Two posts
    Cooldown: None because this spell can only be used once per fight.
    Description: This is Akuma Furea's most powerful, and most dangerous attack. A fire erupts from the air, forming a tornado which entraps the user and target(s). This is because the oxygen atoms move extremely fast in the surrounding area.
    1. This attack can melt all but magical elements.
    2. The tornado entraps evasive targets, making it near impossible to escape unscathed.
    3. The fire burns at a 212 Degrees Celsius.
    1. This attack takes up 75% percent of the user's MP.
    2. All further attacks by Akuma Furea have their strength dropped a Rank and a half.
    3. The fire is so hot that it can even kill the user themself.
    4. This fire leeches 2% MP for each post it is in use.

    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Re: WIP

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 16th December 2017, 5:17 pm


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