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    Deliver my Letter(Xierak)


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    Wielder of Gravition

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    Completed Deliver my Letter(Xierak)

    Post by Yodoras 11th January 2015, 4:18 pm

    Xierak stood outside of the clients house waiting patiently for him to come out, he had been hired on to deliver a letter to a woman he had known since his childhood days, and was now a celebrity who had recently came into Magnolia on a tour. Xierak turned around when he heard the door open up and the man came out holding an envelope. “Please deliver this letter to her, it is very very important to me that you do.” Xierak took the letter in hand and quietly nodded before turning around making his robe sway with him just a bit. He then trudged off into the snow covered streets towards the bustling center hub of Magnolia where a stage had been erected for this celebrities tour.

    Xierak continued walking, leaving giant footprints in the snow, thankfully however his footprint was guarded thankfully due to the pair of custom made sandals. The citizens of the city were busily chatting about local news, a large part of which Xierak was ignoring, he had no interest in that regard, he had taken this job to do as a quickie. As he approached the center hub of the town he started to notice one thing that will be most definitely an issue… The shear amount of security that was slowly increasing as he trudged on, Security will make it hard to deliver this letter in person… Xierak stopped and looked around, trying to spot a good vantage point, He then spotted it, an old clock tower based building stood right on the corner of the square, that was of a decent height for him to get a good eye on the square.

    Xierak looked back and forth to make sure that the security didn’t have their eyes on him, he then took off down an alley way and then turned again into a small pocket out of site. When he did this he jumped up on the roof and then quietly climbed to the pinnacle of the clock tower and looked down. It was a small camp essentially, with tight security jam packed all around it. He then saw a central tent with a whole lot of security on every corner. It is as I thought… there is no way for me to get there on foot… Xierak looked around a bit longer when an idea hit him he held the envelope in front of him. He then focused on the gravitational energy around the envelope and made sure that gravitons surround it completely, he then let go of it and it stayed in place… Good now lets try and get this letter delivered… Xierak then did a gentle pushing motion with his hand and the letter started to move towards the tent, acting like it was being carried by the wind. He was aiming the letter for the tents opening at the top. Almost there…. He then got within distance and made it so the letter drop suddenly and curve inward before releasing it. He heard a small crash that made him wince but a second later he saw the celebrity come out with the letter in hand, Xierak simply nodded and started to climb down… well that’s that I guess…


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