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    Killing the butcher of hargeon


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    Killing the butcher of hargeon Empty Killing the butcher of hargeon

    Post by Chelvaric 11th January 2015, 10:51 am

    A crimson moon was glooming over the city of hargeon. Everything had a kind of red glow because of it. Pein was intensely looking over the roofs of the city. Finally he had a job that was a bit more suited for him. It was a hunt party. Not for an animal of course. Why would you hunt a animal in the city anyway. No it was the hunt for a convict. A former miner had gone crazy. Apparently the lone mining in the darkness wasn’t that good for your sanity. The man had gone on a rampage throughout the city and murdered a lot of people. The guards couldn’t find him os they called in the aid of a mage. Which pein of course saw and immediately went for it. After all hunting a man without breaking the law doesn’t happen too much. He was searching for any signs of the man or any trail he could pick up. The best place for doing that was on a roof of course. He peered in the streets to see anything out of place or to find a target for the criminal. Sometimes it was better to follow the prey your prey hunts. Hunting the hunter as they say. He ran over the roof as he didn’t find anything. Time to move to the next part of the city. He was running near the harbor when he got his eyes on a girl. It wasn’t smart of her to walk around so late at night alone. But she was the perfect prey for the murderer. That made her the perfect thing for him to have. He was following the girl close.
    She was wearing a long brown cloak probably against the coldness of the night. Her hair was braided in two pony tails and was purple of color. She didn’t seem to emit any magic energy that he could sense. So she was either no mage or a very skilled mage. Her face wasn’t that bad looking. For a human that is. He kicked himself for liking a human too much and went further with following her. The night was quiet not much was happening other than the woman walking through the streets. That was until another more metallic sound echoed through the city. Pein looked around to find the source of the sound and saw a really heavy man walking. He was around 6 and a half feet tall. But his body looked like it was made out of rock. Probably the training from the mining that had buffed him to abnormal proportions. This was going to be a bit of a tougher fight even with magic at his side. The best he could do was to try and get the first strike in. he sneaked over the roof tops to get close to the person. He jumped over the street to the next roof and landed cat the closest house as he could of his target. He was still a street or two away from the girl. So perfect timing to get rid of him without getting the girl involved.

    As the man was walking underneath him pein jumped of the roof as quietly as he could. Just as he was about to slash the man he turned around and tried to block. Tough this only worked half. Pein initial slash got blocked by a chain. But the sword bounced on the chains and got back onto his right under arm making a small cut. Not enough to do any harsh damage tough. “nice sneak attack mister. But now you’ll have to go sleep in your kitty litter as I don’t want a cat.”, the man baffled with a way to high voice for his size. Pein landed quietly on his legs as he notices the man saying something. ‘’ like I wane be your cat anyway. Now let’s play a game. You’re a strong target so your selected for this honor. if you beg to get your leg cut off. I win and can drink your blood. If you don’t do that and just die ill let you die peacefully here on the street. Oh and no I don’t care for the bigger reward if I hunt I hunt to kill.”, pein remarked. He wasn’t done talking or he jumped forward to attack his target. The man prepared to throw his meat hook. That was foolish he was never fast enough to throw that thing. Pein aimed for his right arm. But it seemed he had misjudged his enemy as the throw was not aimed for him but for his sword. The grapple flew towards the tip of the sword to grab on to it. Pein quickly jumped up. The chain went into the ground from sheer force. He landed graciously on the chain. And started running up. before the big man had time he had already slashed the muscle in the man’s right arm making him unable to move it. He then made a salto over him. The miner may have a stronger force then pein but he was definitely slower than him. As soon as pein landed he felt a sharp pain in this left shoulder. Pein turned around and saw that the man had dropped his chain as he was unable to use his right arm anyway. And was now holding a butcher knife in his left. It seems he was good enough to throw a blade. “you won’t get me that easy pussy cat.”, the man replied. Pein just looked downwards letting his hair fall over his face. Nobody but nobody has the right to call him a pussy cat. He gained a rather creepy smile. He crouched down and not much later flew up with a kangaroo spirit over him. he then crashed behind the miner and slashed his sword over the man’s right leg. Tough the man saw a kangaroo. He was a bit baffled from this turn of events. But pein wasn’t ready yet. He threw his sword backward with his one arm and gained a ram spirit. He charged forward and head butted on close range the man making even this big muscled dude fall backwards on his bad leg. The man tried to slash in peins direction but pein dodged and slashed another time at the man’s leg making an incision on the top. He then dodged another attack making a cut on the lower end of the leg. The man was slashing wildly around him as he saw his death nearing. ‘’get away from me you demon.’, he shouted. Pein just smiled and dodged the flurry of uncoordinated attacks. He jumped up and slashed the right leg another time while jumping backwards.

    The men screamed out as the piece of skin fell off. His nerves where now open in the air. Even the slightest touch of air would hurt him. ‘’aahhhhh what is this what is this pain. What have you done.” He screamed out as his eye’s widened and spit was coming out of his mouth. The man looked around for help but couldn’t find any. So he raised his butcher knife to cut his legg off himself. But that wasn’t part of the deal. Pein slashed quickly and cut of the man’s arm in one clean hit. ‘’now now what did I say. You have to beg or die peacefully.”, pein said calmly. The man screamed in agony. ‘’okay okay cut it off please cut it off.”, the once so uncontrolled killer was now nothing more then a small child. Pein kept his promised and slashed the man’s leg off. he then took the meat hook. Threw it around the arm of a lantern and then threw the hook into the back of the man. He pulled on the other side of the chain till the man was hanging on it. He then took a small vial out of his pants and kept it under the miners leg. ‘’let us see what kind of man I killed.”, he said as he brought the now partially filled vail to his nose. It was a rather intense aroma but a bit weak in different flavors. “seems you were just a simple miner after all. Disappointing my man. Maybe you can survive till the guard comes but I doubt that.”, pein said as he walked away to the city guard. It was at that moment he felt the sharp pain in his shoulder. Oh yeah that blade he said as he made a angry face. He pulled out and threw it on the ground. I better get to a doctor with that as he held a hand on it to stop bleeding.


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    Killing the butcher of hargeon Empty Re: Killing the butcher of hargeon

    Post by Guest 11th January 2015, 11:03 am

    Approved, good work =]

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