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    getting a passport


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    getting a passport Empty getting a passport

    Post by Chelvaric 10th January 2015, 7:09 am

    It was a just a hour for noon as pein arrived to the office for passport’s in hargeon town. He needed a passport to expand his horizon. Being all the time in fiore would not improve his hunting all that well. He needed to hunt some more exotic things. Maybe even go to the demon lands if he became a bit stronger. But those were things he would think of later. The first challenge was laying in front of him. He was in the harbor. While these places are mostly always crowded this was looking a bit silly. There was a row coming from the building and went on to the end of the street. Why did this mass of people all need a passport was beyond him. He sighed  as he walked to the start of the row. This gone be an awful long and boring row.  Up on that the person in front of him had a bag with fish on his shoulder. Pein”s stomach started to growl. He hadn’t eaten yet. He was intensely looking at the bag as the row was slowly advancing forward. Okay he didn’t really wane steal but that fish was going to be bad before they arrive at the office anyway. He slowly tried to take one fish but the person turned around. He quickly put his arms behind him and whistled as he looked in the air. The guy peered his eyes closely and watched pein a moment before he turned around again. Pein snapped his fingers and had to wait for another change. He got that just before they were getting into the office. One of the fishies seemed to nearly fall from his bag.  Pein bended over and turned so that his mouth would be facing the sky. He waited like that till the fish fell in to his mouth.

    He happily nomed on it as he entered the passport office. It was a small office with not much in it. There were some chairs to sit on in the back of the room.  The other half of the room was guarded off by a big wall and windows with bars where standing there. Behind the bars there were rather weird looking people sitting. They were frog humans. Those mostly helped the rune knights with administration. Seems they also dealt with passports. “name please.”, the frog asked. “pein I am fro.”, he said but got interrupted. “are you in a mage guild sir.”, he said quickly. “euh yeah sabertooth…”, pein responded a bit annoyed. The frog didn’t seem to notice it. He took a big stamp out of his desk and slammed it on the piece of paper.  He then looked at pein. “smile for the picture.”, the frog said.
    “picture wha..” , he said but got interrupted by a light flash. The second after he got a passport pushed into his hand and pushed out of the office by another clerk. Pein didn’t know what happened but apparently he got his passport.


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