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    Jasper's pet JJ

    Jasper Quartz
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    Jasper's pet JJ Empty Jasper's pet JJ

    Post by Jasper Quartz on 7th January 2015, 4:11 pm

    Name: Jasper Junior (AKA: J.J)
    Rank: Weak
    Species:Jasper Dragon Hawk
    Type: combat pet
    Description: 4 meters long, feathered in green and black, with Jasper stones embed in its scales. It posses 2 taloned legs and a 10 meter wing span. The wings wold up into a set of front legs on the serpentine body. The Dragon Hawks' beak looks to be made of solid Jasper.

    Name:Jasper Scales
    Rank: D
    Description: The Dragon Hawk has natural gems that harden it.
    Strengths: Able to defend against D rank spells
    Weaknesses:It doesn't defend against C rank or higher.

    Name:Fire ball
    Rank: C
    Description:The dragon hawk opens its mouth and launches a 1 meter wide ball of fire at a target.
    Strengths: Range of 10 meters it is able to do fire C rank damage though D armor and causes burns.
    Weaknesses: 3 post cool down.

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