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    race behind the lion tail (find my lion cub!)


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    race behind the lion tail (find my lion cub!) Empty race behind the lion tail (find my lion cub!)

    Post by Chelvaric on 6th January 2015, 2:28 pm

    Pein was walking along the edge fo the cliff. Well walking was a big word there was more a kind of jumping in his walk. But more animal like then girl like. He was energetic because he needed to go safe a small lion kitten. Those were always so playful so no wonder he could get lost. I’ll still have a nice talk to his master. If i would find out he doesn’t treat them good. I’ll have fun skinning him that night. he was dressed in light clothes as serene cliff was a bit warmer and hunting in to hot clothes was never a good idea. His hair was flowing through the hair as he reached his destination. The job giver said that around this location he should be meeting his job partner. Not that it was very much to pein’s liking to have a partner. But it was a necessary pain. Maybe he would like his partner for once. He grins at the thought of that. Pein walked to the closes tree to lean against. A little bit of sweat was dripping of its face. Oh how I hate heats. Nights are always a lot better to hunt in. I hope this partner shows up quickly. He dropped down against the tree and into the shadow while he waited for the other person. A quick nap wouldn’t hurt, he taught. As he dozed off the nature around him started to get undisturbed again in await of another presence nearing.


    race behind the lion tail (find my lion cub!) Bakugou.Katsuki.600.1932217

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    race behind the lion tail (find my lion cub!) Beigecat

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