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    Zerian (Ruckus) and Fierté Introduction


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    Zerian (Ruckus) and Fierté Introduction Empty Zerian (Ruckus) and Fierté Introduction

    Post by TorchFire on 2nd January 2015, 6:31 pm

    "This seems to be the place"Says Fierté as they see a huge building with the loud noise of conversations being heard inside. When they walk in everybody stops talking and stares at Zerian, and Zerian freaks out. "Excuse me but my name is Fierté and this is my friend Ruckus,"Says Fierté as everybody runs up to greet Zerian. Zerian is barely keeping his cool, but he is freaking out on the inside. "Hey, I heard we could get some jewel here by doing a job, is that true?" Shouts Fierté.
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    Zerian (Ruckus) and Fierté Introduction Empty Re: Zerian (Ruckus) and Fierté Introduction

    Post by Godlike Frederik on 3rd January 2015, 3:03 am

    You can, but if you want rp with your guild. I suggest you do it at the actual guild.


    xD, anyway welcome to the site mate. If you have any questions hop into the chatbox.


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