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    Izumi Burakkurōzu


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    Izumi Burakkurōzu Empty Izumi Burakkurōzu

    Post by Izumi on 2nd January 2015, 4:48 pm

    Name: Izumi Burakkurōzu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 7806 (And they are still considered teens by their race's life span)
    Birthday: 10/31
    Sexuality: Bi (No real preference although she tends to try to drag more then one person in  at a time)
    Special Characteristics: In fox form: Fox tail(1 at d rank, grow two with each rank), fox ears

    Out of the three Izumi is definitely the most perverse. But it fits her. She is a flirty, manipulative, seductress that always seems to get what she wants. Almost unnaturally patient she finds life a game and feels she is one of the few qualified to win. Not bothered by waiting decades, even centuries to get what she wants. She considers herself the mastermind out of the three of her sisters, although she would never admit it in front of them. Compared to her sisters some might say she is the most adjusted to living with "the average human." She still has multiple problems that manifested themselves over her life time even though by her race's standards she is only a teenager.

    However even though Izumi is the most well versed in public doesn't mean she is with out her flaws. Extremely narcissistic, everything must be about her in some way. Even with her sisters she is like this but to a lesser degree to how she acts with others. Izumi also has a form of attachment disorder. Outside of her three sisters she has never been able to make lasting bonds or relationships. She sees all of her relationships with other people as fleeting and that she might as well get whatever fun she can while it lasts.

    Even her current cover only exists to feed her lust for attention. As an idol she has thousands if not millions of people who would do anything to see her. Either by attending her concerts or catching her on the streets. Either way the attention keeps her going as she loves every second of it, even the over zealous fans. Although this type of attention may endanger her and her sister's identity she doesn't care. As long as there is attention on her.

    But that was only the past 7 years for Izumi. Less then a tenth of her life. Although Izumi considers almost anything that doesn't happen in the here and now pointless she does have quite the history on her. About 1000 years or so ago she lived as an empress. A much loved empress at that, although she is only ever heard about in text. Any and all paintings of her at the time mysterious vanished. Texts read that the the purple eyed empress rarely made public appearances. But when she did she would preform great feats of kindness, right up until the year before she disappeared. You see Izumi never bore an heir, even though she was empress. That made her husband at the time very angry, as it would mean the last of his bloodline. The internal strife between the two caused friction among the people. Izumi let slip of the fight between her and her current husband. The people rose up in two different factions, one that supported the emperor, another that supported the empress.

    One day Izumi was relaxing in the hot springs away from the castle. She needed to get away from all the tension that had risen in the past few months. But that said, she wasn't alone. Izumi had about a dozen of her servants with her to take care of her every whim. In fact that was one of the reasons she was having trouble with her husband. At least among the castle it was well known that Izumi would 'play' with multiple of her servants at once, but would refuse the emperor at nearly every turn. She had 12 particular play things she preferred among all of her other 'toys.' In fact those 12 even had the secret of Izumi's true form, something they obtained after Izumi was certain of their loyalty. Anyway back to the story. Izumi and her servants where 'resting' in the hot tub. Izumi was being fed grapes and such and then suddenly her husband and a small battalion of royal guards burst into the hot springs. Izumi jumped up, turning towards her husband while trying to cover herself up. Not that she cared about those parts of her, she was worried about the other parts the where exposed. Her ears and tail. Her husband gasped and called her a demon. His words surprisingly hurt her.

    Then he ordered an attack, to kill her servants. But to leave Izumi to him. It was a slaughter, her servants where killed in an instant and before Izumi could take and lace her words with magic she was over powered and knocked back into the water. Her husbands hand pressed down against her neck. With every gasp of air her lungs filled with more and more of the hot water from the springs. Her vision faded and she felt her life fade away.

    She woke up who knows how much later in the castle dungeon, her fox ears and tail open for all to see. The rags she wore had holes in them, meant to embarrass her. She was bound in chains. Lacing her voice with magic she got the information from the guard on what was happening. Apparently her husband was going to parade her around to show people for the demon she was and quell her supporters through that before killing her. After that she used her magic laced voice to convince the guard to let her free. She killed the guard, got better clothes and got to work, destroying any evidence of herself. Then Izumi disappeared. Originally she wanted to escape by boat but the moment she got near the water she became unstable and started to shake, fear crawling up in her. So she took off by horse back. After that all she knew was the empire broke out into civil war and eventually tore itself into oblivion.

    Her fear of water took for her to get some what comfortable with. It took her 15 years for her to get into shallow pools of water again and to walk out into the rain. Now she can somewhat enjoy the hot tubs she once loved as long as they are not to large and there is someone else there to give her attention.
    -Her sisters: She loves them and would do anything for them. She is strongest with them.
    -Singing: One could argue this is a side effect of her magic, but Izumi has always loved singing. Some people argue that she sings more then she talks.
    -Flirting: She does it a lot, with a lot of people.
    -Preachy/Close minded people: This can very but for Izumi in particular this is mainly focus on the people who criticize her for flirting and being with multiple people at once.
    -Sour food: It tastes gross, nuff said.
    -Most people who are not her sisters: She is not a fan of other people, with the exception of her sisters. In the end everyone else is a tool for her to manipulate for her own or her sister's goals.
    -Her sisters: Izumi feels motivated to the be the best for her sisters,
    -To charm and be adored by all: Izumi wants to be loved by all. She wants to have the power to go into a crowd, pick out any person and have them in the palm of her hand.
    -To find purpose: Deep down Izumi's need for attention originates from not being comfortable with herself and having no focus in her life. The life she loves of traveling one thing to the next with no goal hurts her and prevents her from being able to move on. Now this is a motivation she isn't consious of except when she is extremely sad and even then she tend to forget it quickly.
    -Her sister's death: Izumi fears for the life of her sisters.
    -Large bodies of Water:  When she was young and traveled away from her sisters for the first time she almost drowned to death. Anything larger then a bath tub makes her nervous. She can't even be left alone in a hot spring with out freaking out (which is sad since she loves hot springs.)
    -Losing her voice: If it's gone she can't sing. If she can't sing or talk clearly, no magic.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair: Platinum Blonde
    Eyes: Fox Form: Purple Humanoid Form: Blue
    Skin Tone: Creamy
    Fox Form:
    Izumi Burakkurōzu XGRoyLm
    Humanoid form:
    Izumi Burakkurōzu CONikd8


    Guild: Basilisk Fang
    Tattoo: on her right side, just under her chest.
    Rank: D


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    Izumi Burakkurōzu Empty Re: Izumi Burakkurōzu

    Post by Tōwa Lazmira on 2nd January 2015, 7:28 pm

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