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    Billy mays.. Party like it's $19.95


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    Billy mays.. Party like it's $19.95 Empty Billy mays.. Party like it's $19.95

    Post by Hodor on 31st December 2014, 5:59 am

    Billy mays.. Party like it's $19.95 Billy-mays_o_913539
    Name; Billy mays.
    Favorite quote; "YUSH LET'S PARTY LIKE IT'S $19.95."
    Hates, Not selling stuff, having shitty pants.
    Likes, Oxi clean, selling useless stuff that doesn't work.

    That's it for now,
    buying useless things for a $19.95


    I hear...
    My victim's screams as they feed my insanity.
    I see...
    The victim as they lie on the table, staining their clothes and hair in a cardinal pool of blood.
    I taste...
    The rush of insanity as it holds me in its relentless grasp and pushes me to cut my victim's flesh till they cease their screaming.
    I smell...
    The smoldering of the blood that slowly bakes and dries in the intense lights overhead.
    I feel...
    Like this one victim will be enough, and I must continue to kill to feed this blood lust welling up inside of me.

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