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    Find Those Puppies!! [Solo mission/ NDE]


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    Find Those Puppies!! [Solo mission/ NDE] Empty Find Those Puppies!! [Solo mission/ NDE]

    Post by Meister 29th December 2014, 2:43 pm

    Elric sat in the client's living room as the young male sat looking rather sorry for himself with his head in his hands; "I should have kept a closer eye on them! How could I be so stupid? I only took my eyes off them for a moment and they were gone!" He sighed as he shook his head. The young male was no older than 20 but clearly loved these puppies very much and Elric had been charged with bringing these puppies back to their owner in one piece! He was happy for two reasons; Firstly he liked puppies so this was a good thing! two, Luna was basically bouncing with excitement of seeing puppies... typical girl! Elric smiled happily at the boy who's name was James; "Hey have no worries man, we got this! Fairy Tail's finest is here to help!" He showed a cheeky grin with a thumbs up.

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