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    Xieraks Quest to find a book! Gotta Keep a Low profile!(Job)


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    In Progress Xieraks Quest to find a book! Gotta Keep a Low profile!(Job)

    Post by Yodoras on 14th December 2014, 12:49 pm

    Xierak was slowly walking towards Peace village, he was wanting to take it slow from the massive show he had accidentally put on in Hargeon. He had crashed into a ship to prevent bandits from escaping, he had left the wreckage there, however on top of that he had caused the entire harbor area to go into a riot when he came out of the water with his torn robes, revealing his appearance of a monster. After the fighting had ended he had quickly ran off, then flying out of town and hiding in the woods for a week, tending to his wounds and repairing his robes.

    Now after a week and a half he was on a job to fetch a book for an older woman who was unable to get it herself. I hate doing something so petty… but I must try and keep a low profile… I caused to much of a ruckus in that town… not to mention I am still feeling that impact into the ship… Why do I have a feeling I won’t ever hear the end of that…

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