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    Be a Model! The Venir edition...

    Mistress Venir
    Mistress Venir

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    Be a Model! The Venir edition... Empty Be a Model! The Venir edition...

    Post by Mistress Venir on 13th December 2014, 9:37 pm


    Venir was absolutely and completely bored which wasn't a good thing. Especially since it was Venir of all people who was bored. To others 'boredom' was a simple and easily solved feeling, not harmful in the slightest. However, if Venir was feeling 'boredom' it was very much so a harmful thing to those around her. That feeling made the pinkette even more wild and unpredictable than she already was. Often times she wound up in trouble when trying to cure her boredom. That was before she was in a guild though! Now that she was in a guild her boredom could easily be solved by taking jobs! 

    "Booooooooooorrrring!" The female mage yawned as she looked over the jobs on the board. "Who wants to clean a house as a job?"Her soft green eyes flickered over the various job postings. All of them were so simple and not thrilling in the slightest. Venir was a thrill-seeker and finding someone's cat wasn't exactly what she would call thrilling. She was about to give up on her quest of finding an exciting job when something caught her eye. Hidden underneath countless other dull jobs, the pinkette pulled at the little corner of rough brown paper. With an audible rip the paper was torn from the board and held in Venir's gloved hands. She read it over once, then twice, and even a third time. There was no way! It couldn't be! It was.....



    "Oh my gosh this is gonna be great!" Venir practically sang out as she walked through Magnolia. "To think I actually managed to snag that modeling job!" She squealed unable to help being more excited about this job than any other job she had previously gone on. No one wanted to be a model as much as Venir did. All of her free time was spent reading Magazine's so it was only natural for her to want to be in one as well! "To be a model in Sorcerer's Weekly! It's like a dream come true!!!" That particular magazine was Venir's favorite. "And I'll be wearing Chanelle's work! The outfit he did for-"Venir continued to talk to herself about Chanelle. So absorbed in her own conversation with herself, Venir hardly noticed the stares of Magnolia's towns people or even noticed the change of scenery. 

    Unknowingly, she had traveled from the bustling town of Magnolia all the way to the East Forest of Magnolia. Still talking to herself, Venir walked through the forest almost aimlessly until a sudden shout startled her. 

    "Are you the mage we called for?" Before Venir could respond the man continued, "Oh whatever it doesn't matter!" He looked her over, "You're body will do just fine. We better hurry! Chanelle's already really mad!" He yanked Venir by the arm as he lead her over through some thick shrubbery. The branches hit and scratched at Venir but the sight she met after escaping the shrubbery took her breath away. It was a relatively small little clearing but there was a charming stream going straight through the middle, sunshine broke through the tree's creating just the right lighting. There was a small crowd of photographers, equipment, and other things of that nature. So absorbed in the scenery Venir didn't even notice the angry looking man approaching her. "Ah! Mr. Chanelle I found the mage we-"

    "YOU'RE CHANELLE!" Venir practically screeched, "I am so sorry I was late. I am such a big fan of your work. That one picture in the 553 issue of Sorcerer's Weekly brought me to tears. The dress and background was simply stunning and that other-"Venir was instantly quieted as the annoyed man pressed a finger to her lips. He removed the finger and motioned for her to remain silent as he circled around her. 

    "Not too short not too tall. Long legs, very long legs. Chest is well shaped, body toned, curves just right, and your moderately tan."He placed his palms on either side of her face as he examined it, "Nice eyes. Good teeth. Interesting hair color." The man took a step back and looked her over once more. "Those strange markings though." He motioned at the various pink markings that covered her body. For a brief moment Venir was afraid that he'd kick her out for the markings but she was wrong, "They add something to you. I can't put my finger on what it is though. A Goddess! Yes perfect! Now that I look you over I think you can pass for one. You have this wild, free, feeling to you. Like a playful forest Goddess. Perfect just what I was looking for. Now just keep your mouth shout dear and you'll be absolutely perfect."

    He shoved her into the hands of various hair and make-up artists that added feathers and sparkles here and there, and then shoved her into a dress of sorts. The dress was a soft green like her eyes, hugged her in all the right places, and had more ribbons and sparkles on it then Venir knew what to do with. The pinkette opened her mouth to say something but was quickly shushed by her client. "Go over to the stream and play in it!" Venir awkwardly walked over to the stream, barefoot. She looked to the water and back to her client. Various cameras snapped catching Venir's obvious wariness. "Come on dear! Just splash around a little bit! Don't mind us! Play in the water! Give us a performance! You're a playful spirit now act like one!" 

    Not being one to deny a crowd a performance, Venir put her all into it. She jumped right into the ankle deep stream creating a large splash. She kicked the water and splashed around, laughing merrily as camera's clicked around her. So caught up in her 'playing' Venir almost didn't notice her client wave her over. She ran over to him with a skip in her step. She was soaking and out of breath but her cheeks were rosey and smile graced her lips. "Excellent job! We got some fabulous shots today! You were perfect for our eco-friendly campaign. People will want to protect these forests if they think such kindred spirits are in here." Venir went to reply to the man but he simply shushed her once more, "Shhhhh just take your reward little mage. Don't ruin this moment by speaking. I'll be sure to send you a copy of the magazine with you in it. For now just take these pictures." 

    Venir took the envelope in which he handed her. Chanelle was quick to leave his quirky, magic using model with her reward. The others lefts as well taking all their equipment with them soon leaving Venir by herself. She didn't seem to mind to much as she gazed at the contents of the envelope in awe. "Is that what I really look like?" She held up the photo but could hardly recognize herself. She truly looked like a wild, playful Goddess in these pictures. "Woah don't get ahead of yourself Venir! As if I'm a Goddess!"

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