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    Approved Killjoy

    Post by Kaito on 11th December 2014, 6:36 pm

    Rank: strong
    Type:combat pet
    this is him:
    Killjoy is is only 6 months old and spends most of his time just smiling.He is Kitteh's love and his life. Kitteh transports Killjoy on his shoulders and carries him around everywhere. His parents are Kitteh and a girl named Corona. He makes a cute counter part to his father so others often don't believe Kitteh to be in a dark guild. Kitteh doesn't have enough money to buy more than one pair of clothes for Killjoy

    Name:pick pocket
    Rank: D
    Description:Killjoy steals from the target D rank wizard one item
    for until owner can get it back
    it an be used in all situations
    Killjoy is cute so is unsuspected
    Killjoy gets his skills from his father
    Weaknesses:Killjoy is a kid so can be seen stealing sometimes
    Killjoy has to be close to do it
    Killjoy can get distracted

    Name:Killjoy assist
    Rank: D
    Description:Killjoy will get on Kitteh's back and take his weapon and attack with him
    Strengths:It has more of a chance to hit then just Kitteh
    Weaknesses:It needs kitteh to be used

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    voiced by whoever plays goku

    what Kaito sounds like

    Kaito for real:

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    Approved Re: Killjoy

    Post by Tuna on 13th December 2014, 12:10 pm




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    Approved Re: Killjoy

    Post by Hikachu on 20th February 2015, 9:34 pm

    Unlocked due to request.


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