A new chapter begins


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    A new chapter begins

    Post by Dr.Stein on 11th December 2014, 9:35 pm

    Stein had prepared himself for a cold journey. "Spike we're going to Mount Hakabe." He said to his pet before they traveled to the mountain underground. Once they arrived Stein had Spike stay underground while he traveled on foot. Wearing a thermal suit he designed he wasn't bothered by the cold one little bit. He made it capable of handling temperatures of thirty below and just since he doesn't like going anywhere without his lab coat he wore it over the thermal suit. While he traveled through the mountain range to find the guildhall of Basilisk Fang Stein had some snow wolves following him, but they didn't come with in fifty feet of him they just kept an eye on him. "Unless they actually try attacking me I'll leave Spike underground." He thought to himself as he continued towards his destination. After several hours of walking through the snow he made it to a giant wall that matched the description of the Basilisk Fang guildhall. Entering the giant structure Stein snapped his fingers which had Spike come out of the ground and followed behind him. "Hello? Is anyone here? I'm Dr.Frankenstein and wish to join your guild." He said aloud as it echoed throughout the giant structure.


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    Re: A new chapter begins

    Post by Naziel on 11th December 2014, 11:08 pm

    Naziel was enjoying a relaxing nap, he had found snoring in his guildmaster's chair with Peep, his exceed snoring on the desk next to him. It was a nice dream, filled with laughter and pleasurable company... That was until he heard the giant doors of the guild creak open and a voice echo through the main halls.

    His eyes snapped open as he let out a grunt of displeasure; "I was having a good dream... A very good dream." He grumbled as he got to his feet and headed to his private staircase that brought him to the giant meeting hall below. He peered down into the main area and spotted a solitary figure... "A new comrade?" The slayer thought to himself as he sat with his hands in his pockets and casually walked down the large open stairs to the strangers level; "I was having a good dream... What is it you wanted?" He scratched his mop of black hair whilst clicking his neck awaiting an answer.


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