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    Arlania's Spectral Make


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    In Progress Arlania's Spectral Make

    Post by Kari 7th December 2014, 11:01 pm

    Arlania's Spectral Make 110e555e-3970-4c92-ac0d-15cfd40a3d75_zps207a0440


    Primary Magic: Spectral Make ~ The Northern Lights

    Caster or Holder: Caster

    Description: Molding Magic is the most versatile category of Magic, other than Requip Magic of course. This is because it is easy to think of an object for any type of situation; Maker Mages possess that raw, uncultured, and unrefined ability of creativity and pure freedom. Even though molding magic is common, each mage's maker magic differs from one another because they contribute it to the way they fight. Each mage has a different way of fighting with their molding magic, so it is like fighting a new mage every time.
    There are two types of Make Magic; Static, which is the making of stationary objects that you would form around a specific target, to hold, or to block. And Dynamic, which is the most creative form of maker magic, it enhances the usefulness of Make Magic by giving it the ability to move.
    There are many possibilities to Make Magic, which all comes down to where they originate from. For Lani, it originated in her northern home.
    Arlania comes from a long line of Spectral Makers; a unique twist on solid Make Magics. While most have a solid form, like Earth, Rock, Ice, Crystal; Spectral make is undefined and liquid form. Imagine taking the gorgeous, dancing Northern Lights, and creating a knife from them, or a howling wolf, That, is Lani's magic.

    ~Versatility: By being a Maker Mage, Lani has the freedom with her magic to get creative and think outside the box. This evens out the playing fields when against a more skilled opponent, or when she feels of of her element. It's nice to be able to fashion shoes in a blitz second.

    ~Weight: Because her constructs are made of a light based material, they really have no weight to them at all. This makes it possible to create and move large constructs. While they may be weightless, even the dynamic molded magic are durable against damage.

    ~Buffer Magic: *See Unique Abilities* This is a special twist to solid Molding Magic. Alot like light magic, her Northern Light Spectral Make possesses the traits to be used as a buffing and healing magic. This makes it possible to improve Lani physically by at most 50%

    ~Dark Magic: Light can not exist without Dark, and vice versa. Dark magic can be harmful to her magic, by taking it over entirely and turning her constructs against her. Dark magics of equal or higher rank disperse her spells.

    ~One Hand Casting: * See Unique Abilities * When Lani uses one hand to make an object, the power of that construct is reduced by 40%. Speed, power, and duration are all affected.

    ~Light Magic: While her magic is made of light, if pitted against another light spell, the two spells will just negate each other, as long as spell is of equal rank. If the spell is of higher rank, Lani's spell would be overcomed.

    ~Blinding: Lani's molding magic is made out of the light, and thus can be very blinding. This is harmful to all allies, opponents, and even herself. This is why she is required to wear her mask when casting spells.
    The bright light can blind mages of equal rank or below! Blinding a mage causes all spells is process of being casted to negate, and hinders mage for up to 1 post.

    Unique Abilities:

    ~Make Mastery: Lani is able to create her constructs with one hand, and does not require both hands. This leaves her with an extra hand for either more magic, or a weapon. Arlania is the first one in her line of family to have mastered this technique.

    ~Buffer: Most molding magics do not give the ability to enhance the mage physically. Lani can. As a light material, she has some characteristics from light magics AKA fairy magics. Including healing, physical enhancements, speed increase ect...

    ~Light Control Beginning at A Rank, Lani is able to control not just her own form of make, but other Light make magics as well. While she can not take full control of them, she can deflect an attack easily. This only pertains to light MAKE spells of equal rank or below, and costs equal to half magical power to control that spell. Depending on the size and power of that spell.  

    D Rank Spells:

    Name: Spectral Dagger
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive, Static
    Description: A white magic circle appears in her palm, and in it's place blasts a strong light. From that light, an aurora colored dagger appears. It is see through, almost like a ghost, but is completely solid. The knife is shaped like an tribal arrow head , the blade being 6 inches long, and the hilt being another 5 inches itself. Because it is literally made from light, it weighs only a few ounces and is easy to move around with. This is Lani's most used spell, as she likes to get in close to her enemies. Since it is a melee weapon, it only does D Rank damage per hit.  


    ~Weight: She won't get tired from holding her own spell in her hand.
    ~Two Hands: Lani is able to mold with just one hand, and thus she can dual wield her daggers. This gives the opportunity for surprise double damage. ( however dual wielding requires double the MP cost )
    ~Static to Dynamic: Because they are light, Lani can throw her daggers pretty far (5 meters). This gives her the option to put a little movement to her static constructs.

    ~Close Range: There is no possible way for her to use this spell against a farther target, or a fast moving one.
    ~Weapon: Because it is a weapon still, it can be easily blocked by any form of magic or shield. It is even possible to block with another weapon of construct.
    ~Durability: While this may one of her most used spells, it is still a weaker spell and can be easily broken by material stronger than Weak Rank, and dissipated by any Dark Spell.
    ~Break: With each hit from the dagger, the blade also takes 1/4 that damage. The dagger can take up to 1 D rank damage until breaking. ( 8 Hits )

    Duration: 2 posts or Until Lani breaks spell, or blades are broken themselves.
    Cooldown: 3 posts

    Name: Spectral Ambush
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive : Dynamic
    Description: This spell utilizes surprising an opponent. Whether from behind or from their side or above...ect. After a target has been selected, Lani will press her palm to the ground. This opens 1 magic circle any where around that target. From that circle erupts a light. That same light forms into a wolf, then this average size wolf will pounce on the target midair. The target will suffer from D rank damage either from blunt force, biting, or clawing.
    If target is successfully surprised, he will suffer from an additional 1/2 D rank ( only implies for D rank mages or Weak enemies. )

    ~Surprise: As an ambush type attack, it is easy to get the drop on her target by being able to create the wolf from wherever she wants ( within a range of 7 meters )
    ~Damage:Can do additional damage if enemy is actually caught off guard.
    ~First Strike: If opponent is hit, that gives Lani a perfect opening to get in some additional damage.

    ~Short Duration: This is a 1 hit spell. After the wolf has been created, it goes into automatic cooldown.
    ~Counterattack: If the ambush is unsuccessful, and Lani moves for her target anyway, she could end up in trouble.
    ~Size: Because it is the size of an average wolf, it is not very intimidating and very easy to dodge if you hear it coming.
    ~Range: This is a mid-range attack and Lani can not ambush her opponent if he is farther than 10 meters.
    ~Durability: The wolf can only take up to 1 1/2 D rank damage before vanishing. Hopefully she is able to get it's use before then.

    Duration: 1 post / 1 Hit / or until negating.
    Cooldown: 4 posts

    Name: Shield of Light
    Rank: D
    Type: Defensive : Static
    Description: By pressing her palms together, a magic circle envelopes her hands, creating a sphere; and from in between her hands a bright light erupts and forms into a shield. This shield is 5'5" tall and 4 feet across, easily capable of protecting Lani's front side. Arlania's created shield is almost see through and glows with all the colors of the Aurora.
    Because this is a defensive spell, as she increases her magical capabilities, the strength of her shield improves as well and the amount of damage it can take increases, as long as those spells are not C rank or above.

    Lani's Rank ::Amount of Damage Withstood ::
    D1/2 D
    C1 D
    B1 & 1/2 D // 1/2 C
    A1 C // 1/2 B
    S & H1 B // 2 C

    ~Strength: Can withstand both melee and magic spells.
    ~Offensive & Defense: Lani approves of using her shield as a battering ram. In that case it proves to do User Rank damage in bludgeoning damage.
    ~Clear: The shield is a almost see-through hue and because of that, opponents will not suspect that their attacks will fail.

    ~Two Hands: Lani can not create this shield with only one hand, so it puts her at a offensive disadvantage.
    ~Range: Unfortunately, this shield is not capable of protecting anyone else but Lani.
    ~Dark Magic: Any spells of dark origin break through the shield.
    ~Rank: Because it is a D rank spell, any C rank spell and above instantly breaks through it.
    Duration: 2 posts, or Until spell is broken by opponent or Lani herself.
    Cooldown: 3 posts

    Name: Spectral Mend
    Rank: D
    Type: Supportive : Healing
    Description: In fighting, often enough someone will get hurt, whether that is herself or an ally. To regain some physical capabilities, Lani will raise her hand over a wound, a small magic circle appears under her palm and a glowing light will heal minor wounds. This includes abrasions, minor cuts, and swelling or bruising; it can even stop small amounts of bleeding.  This is not a permanent heal, but it will restore some strength to the victim, giving them the chance to continue fighting. However, this spell is used for more than just healing people. It can restore other living objects, such as plants who have suffered under man.

    ~One Hand: Lani can use this spell one handed, however the effects are cut by 25%
    ~Amount: Heals allies 2 HP per post used.
    ~Bloodloss: Can reduce blood loss by 10%

    ~Rank: This is a weaker spell, intended for very minor wounds.
    ~Range: It is pretty much a touch spell, and can not exceed a range of a few inches.
    ~Non-Permanent: This can not fully restore a wound to its initial state, but only work to reduce the amount of damage dealt.
    ~Non-Light: This spell has no effect on dark mage's or dark beings, even if her intention is whole.

    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    C Rank Spells:

    Name: Spectral Fang Spear
    Rank: C
    Type: Offensive
    Description: This is a fast, close combat spell that is used for defense by being offensive. This spell is utilized when Lani is under extreme circumstances, by either being overpowered, or surrounded by enemies. Quickly Lani will press her palm to the ground and do a handstand. From there she will spin on her hand, and kick out her legs. This marks the inner circle. From her palm a magic circle spreads across the ground and spectral spikes protrude from the ground. These spikes start from a 3 meter diameter circle, and protrude to reach a total area of 6 meter diameter. The spikes themselves vary between Length and width, never getting any bigger then 3 meters long, and a foot thick. All together, they reach at most 6 feet tall inclined. Because this spell is casted differently every time, the amount of spikes varies between 10-20. The less there are, the stronger defense the spell has.
    10 spikes : can withstand 1 c rank damage, 20 spikes : can withstand 1 D rank.

    ~Close Combat: This spell is useful for pushing enemies back that prove a threat in close combat.
    ~Defense: Provides a fence around Lani for offensive attacks from outside the radius.
    ~Speed: Fast paced, this spell is preformed in a matter of seconds with minimal movement.

    ~Trap: While it may protect her from on coming attacks, This spell also traps her in her own magic, as she cannot climb over the sharp spikes.
    ~Large Spikes: Because the size of the spikes that come from the magic circle, it is easy to dodge them and opponents can go unhindered.
    ~Reflective: While most of the time, this would be a good thing, this time its bad because Lani is in the center of the spell and the light would be reflected back at her.
    ~Earth Magic: Earth magic is particularly stronger than this spell, as the spikes are not structurally sound and can be broken easily by shifting its setting.

    Duration: 2 posts, or until broken
    Cooldown: 3 posts

    Name: Spectral Bow
    Rank: C
    Type: Offensive : Static
    Description: After raising her hand into the air a magic circle appears in her palm. And from that circle, the light forms into a bow. At first it would appear like a requip to a mage that is just seeing this, but after a moment it is recognizable that the bow is constructed of a Light element. Along with a bow, Kari will create 3 2' foot arrows, with a broad head 1 inch in circumference. These arrows can be fired whenever and however she would like, flying for 20 meters at 245 fps.

    ~Damage: Each arrow does C Rank Damage
    ~Penetration: Because it is magic, and not an actual object, it can pierce through magical objects such as barriers, as long as they are of the same Rank.
    ~Range: Lani can use the range to her ability to overcome obstacles and get the drop on enemies.

    ~Accuracy: After 15 meters, the accuracy of her shot decreases by 25%
    ~Defense: Because it is a bow, it offers no defense is she was attacked up close.
    ~Shots: Lani can only form 3 arrows within the duration.. No more
    ~Dodge: These arrows fly at only 80% normal speed of an actual arrow, so they can be dodged easier.

    Duration: 3 posts, or until all arrows are fired
    Cooldown: 4 posts

    Name: Spectral Wolf
    Rank: C
    Type: Offensive : Dynamic
    Description: After placing a magic circle in mid air with a wave of her hand, a medium sized wolf will float around her. It would almost appear like a spirit or a ghost, as the wolf never really touches the ground. However you cannot underestimate the power that it has. This wolf will circle Arlania until a target has been chosen. After that, the wolf will encounter that target at a speed of 5 meters per second. Because it is dynamic spell, Arlania can move with her spell, and never be out of range, but if Lani is motionless in that one spot, her spell can only reach a range of 15 meters.
    When within range of the target, The spectral wolf will pounce on the target, snapping at the opponent.

    ~Dynamic: This is a dynamic spell, and the constructs pretty much have a mind of their own, which gives Lani an advantage as she can preform one more spell on top of this Make. Also, they obey all commands given by the user.
    ~Damage: This construct carries the weight and strength of an actual wolf, which can really hurt someone naturally. The Spectral wolf preforms C rank Slashing damage with each hit.
    ~Range: This is a long range, close range spell, as it isn't Lani fighting really, which can provide different opportunities in a fight.

    ~Defense: The spell offers little protection, as it is a head on attack. If the wolf was sent towards an opponent that was fast, Lani would be easily overpowered.
    ~Dark Magic: The problem with Dynamic constructs, is that they have a mind of their own, and can be turned against the spell caster with dark magic.
    ~Targeting: If Lani is compromised, the Wolf can auto target, but unfortunately, that can be allies as well.
    ~Wind/Air Magic: It may be sturdy when attacking, but wind magic can disperse the floating construct easily.
    ~Durability: Can only withstand 2 C rank spell attacks

    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts

    B Rank Spells:

    Name: Spectral Fang Whip
    Rank: B
    Type: Offensive : Dynamic
    Description: A magic circle appears in the palm of either hand ( which so ever she chooses ) and from that circle a long stream a light appears. It will grow to a length of 6 meters and merely 1 inch thick at the most. Alot like a string it will fall around anything softly. At first sight it looks smooth and soft, but actually its very ridged and sharp.
    Lani will swing it around and use this as a whip against her foes. The sharp tendrils will instantly tear clothing and flesh easily. This deals b rank damage.

    ~Range: It is easy to reach opponents that even step back from her attacks as long as they are within a 6 meter radius.
    ~Ease: It is easy for her to control the whip, because it is like she is controlling its movements with her mind rather than her arm.
    ~Strength: The whip can pull up to 300 lbs without breaking, so she can easilly use it to cross ravines with one other.

    ~Armor: If her opponent is wearing armor stronger than Weak, the whip will have no effect.
    ~Metal & Earth Magic: If it isn't paper, clothing or flesh, the whip does no effect
    ~Range: While its better than nothing, it can only reach 6 meters ahead of her.
    ~Defense: Offers no defense protection at all.

    Duration:3 posts
    Cooldown:4 posts

    Name: Blast of The Aurora
    Rank: B
    Type: Offensive : Dynamic
    Description: At first, Lani will form a sphere around her, almost like a spectral barrier, however this one is special. First, it takes one post alone just to make the barrier, so in all, this is a two post spell.
    After the barrier is formed, Lani will erupt with emotion, and the barrier will increase in size rapidly. Moving outwards in all directions for 20 meters, moving at 15 meters per second.
    Everything that meets the barrier wall will be knocked back between 5 to 10 meters.

    ~Barrier: * See Spectral Barrier Spell * Still retains all these abilities
    ~Range: Because of the extensive size, it is very hard to dodge
    ~Damage: Depending on the size of the object of enemy that is knocked back, they will suffer between C rank to B rank blunt damage.

    ~Speed: It doesn't move very fast, so the knockback is not too powerful
    ~High Rank Mages: It is possible that mages higher rank than B can overcome the barrier strength and avoid the knockback
    ~Blinding: The light reflected off the barrier can affect allies as well
    ~Time: Its a Two post spell and that one post can give the enemy a heads up to her plan.

    Duration: 2 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    Name: Spectral Radiance
    Rank:  B
    Type: Defensive : Supportive
    Description: After raising both her hands up above her, a large magic circle will light up around her. Then a soft light will erupt from her palm, falling softly over a area of 10 meters (diameter) aka 5 meter radius. This soft light will heal all minor wounds ( 3 Hp per post ) and restore up to 2 MP.  
    ~Allies: As long as it is within the area, she can heal as many allies that are within that area.
    ~Fighting Chance: Healing all her allies even restoring the minimal amount of magic can give them the upper hand.
    ~User: It still works on the user/spellcaster as well

    ~Non - Offensive: Does no damage to an opponents
    ~Non - Defensive: Offers no protection while the spell is being cast
    ~Time: Takes one whole post before spell is finished, and Lani can not be interrupted or else all effects are negated
    ~Light: The light can be a bit blinding so put your sunglasses on

    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

    Name: Spectral Fang Attack
    Rank:  B
    Type: Offensive : Dynamic
    Description: This spell is one that requires alot of physical work, more than magical. Lani will coat her hands in a aura of spectral magic. Not solid, not liquid and not gas, and with that she will go full force against her opponent up close and personal. Mimicking Regulus magic, the power will amplify Lani's physical punches by 50%. So instead of doing C rank Damage with each punch, she does C Rank and 1/2 c rank damage.

    ~Defense: Because it is a magic that coats her hands she is able to block other spells or weapon attacks as long as they are lower than B ranked.
    ~Double-Effect: *See Signature Spell * can be paired to boost the effect from 50 % ( C rank & 1/2 C) to 75% ( B rank.)
    ~Dual Hand: This is a two hand weapon which gives her a better chance of hitting her opponent

    ~Close Range:This spell does nothing unless Lani makes direct contact with the opponent
    ~Damage: Unfortunately because of stamina she can only strike her opponent up to 3 times during the duration.
    ~Earth Magic: This spell can not break through any EArth or metal magic stronger than C Rank.
    ~User: This spell requires the user to preform and can not do anything if Lani is constricted

    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts

    Primary Signature Spell:

    Name: Spectral Step
    Rank: B
    Type: Supportive
    Description: This is Lani's most powerful spell and was taught to her specifically by her own family, including Haku. This spell was primarily used by her to preform physically like her family ( the wolves ). Meaning that it improves her physical performance, such as speed and strength.
    Lani will preform this spell by pressing her palm to her chest and uttering the words " Heart of the Warrior." A magic circle will appear over her chest and an aura of light will form over her body.
    Her speed will increase by 50%
    Her strength will increase by 25%

    ~Effects: The increase in power gives her the ability to overcome more powerful opponents.
    ~Speed: The boost in speed helps to elude enemy attacks
    ~Strength: The boost in strength increases physical attacks by 25% and makes it possible to lift up to 200 pounds

    ~Stamina:The biggest weakness of this spell, it drains all of Lani's stamina and leaves her fatigued after the duration
    ~Rage: Lani can only preform this spell when she is emotionally unstable
    ~Emotion: Unfortunately, Rage can interfere with the performance of the spell, Once she reaches a certain point, the spell will go into a instant cooldown.
    ~Short Duration: She has a limited amount of time to get the job done because of the after effects:

    Duration: 2 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts

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    In Progress Re: Arlania's Spectral Make

    Post by Kihia 18th January 2015, 7:30 pm

    Arlania's Spectral Make Approv11


    Arlania's Spectral Make Kihisi10
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