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    Arlania Shir


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    Arlania Shir Empty Arlania Shir

    Post by Kari 5th December 2014, 6:32 pm

      Arlania Shir 69cc1b6f-acbf-4649-8e7e-fdd86448ea94_zps8789e4e9

      T H E   L E G E N D

      Name: Arlania Ming Shir
      Alias: Lani
      Gender: Female
      Age: 20
      Birthday: March 15th
      Sexuality: Straight
      Special Characteristics: Due to a horrific childhood accident, Arlania now has the rendition of a wolf bit scar on her upper arm. You can see the accent of each tooth and where they punctured the skin. For some unknown reason, Arlania keeps it covered with a Navy blue colored arm band.
      From personal preferences, Lani will wear red pace paint down her cheeks and lower forehead; and on top of that, she likes to mask her face with red tribal like masks with wolf ears. This helps her keep in touch with her home.
      The most surprising special thing about Lani however is the fact that she can not speak English. She tries, but it is too polite and broken to understand. So she remains silent and just gives off little gestures to get her point across.

      P E R S O N A L I T Y

      Arlania is one of the most simple, yet complex people to ever be described. When a person would look at her, they see strength, beauty, joy and happiness; but when they get to know her they see the weakness and fear that holds her back from being the best she can be, whether that is physical or mental.
      Outside of battle, she is cautious and friendly, staying open towards everyone, but only taking in a few things at a time. It is very easy to pass her a 'Goodmorning Nod' from across the room and get one in return. It is when you shove something in her face that she runs and hides like a scared pup with her tail between her legs. Due to the way she was raised, Lani, has the personality of an adult 'Dog', Very loving and loyal, until aggression is shown. This is a easy trait to see when you look at the girl, even from a distance.
      Being raised like this, has caused her to... be unaware of the human language, and she often has to look to Haku ( her companion ) for assistance. This causes a struggle to find friends and family within her guild home; in return it makes Lani very depressed so she tries to take a nap to feel better.
      Or even she will find her way to a food storage, or her own put away to eat her sadness away. Speaking of sadness, Lani tends to show her emotions differently, while happiness and anger is over-exaggerated, sadness is subtle, as she tries to hide away.

      In battle, Lani turns into a completely new person, it was like this part of her was trapped, but when she is fighting, it is set loose and free once more. This could be any fight too, from a friendly spar, to a bar scrap, to something that really gets her blood pumping.
      Suddenly she is smart, agile, quick thinking and free spirited. The type to take a bloody battle with a smile. It is almost like she craves the challenge that it gives her, because she knows deep down that she would rather die than disappoint her family by retreating.
      So right from the start, she is upfront and right on the ball. Some one threatens her family, friends, or even herself, she stands up immediately. Lani would much rather take the initiative and strike right away than be strategic with it. So her fights end up going one of two ways a majority of the time.
      Because of her speech problems, Lani has a hard time working with other people, whether on a job, a group project, ect, It is just so much easier for her to work alone. This does not mean she wont try. Lani is a rather determined individual, always finding a way to get what she wants. This is an important part of her because once she loses her will, the weakness inside of her will consume all that is left.


        ~ Meat : Being the daughter of the Wild, you should have seen this coming. Lani likes all type of meat, red, white, ( not fish ), raw, cooked, it does not matter. She can sniff out this stuff from a mile away so watch out!...Okay, so it isn't just meat. She likes all food really, except for that super spicy stuff. Cakes, cheese, bread. Yum.

        ~ Canines : Once again, this should have been easy to guess. Like her meat, she adores all types of canines, not just wolves. They connect with her, and she feels like she is part of the pack when around them.

        ~ Fighting : Fighting is like a game to her, even though she may not appear like it, Lani is always out for a good old fashioned brawl. She doesn't boast, or brag, she was just raised that fighting among your peers is for fun. Due to this, she may get a bit feisty.

        ~ Loyalties : A dog is a man's best friend, and while they will give thier whole being to someone, do they ever get it back? Lani loves to see and possess the loyalties of her friends, but she has to find a human version of this....

        ~ Naps : Oh boy does she love a good nap, anywhere really, just as it is quiet. Lani has slept underneath tables, in a tree, right in the middle of a bathtub...Just anywhere really.


        ~ Fire : This is more of an instinct, she isn't fond of fire and bright light. It tends to send her into shock when pushed in her face as well.

        ~ Alcohol : She can't stand the strong scent of it, Lani also does not like the way alcohol would make her feel; Vulnerable, and weak. She much prefers to stay away from the distasteful stuff.

        ~ Human Females : This is another instinct that she was raised with. It is all about territory, and sometimes females like to step way over their boundaries. Her trust is a hard thing to earn, and even harder if your a beautiful female....

        ~ Loud Noises : Vehicles, Sonic Sounds... Even a busy street. Lani tends to stay in the quieter areas, as loud noises bother her sense of hearing. Plus she can nap if it's quiet.

        ~ Strong Scents : Lani was raised by inhuman demonic wolves, and picked up alot of their instinct like and biology traits. Along with hearing, she has a stronger sense of smell... Well, i shouldn't say it's stronger, but she can distinguish and determine different types of smells from other. What the normal human wouldn't be able to identify ( just a funky smell ), Lani can tell what it is and how far away it is. So initially, strong smells and loud noises mess with her and give her headaches.

        ~ Fish : Lani may dislike water, but she hates fish, they are slimy, smelly, and mean little creatures. This girl would do anything to avoid a counter with fish, dead or alive. They gross her out and she will easily get sick and lose her lunch.


        ~ Family : For the longest of time, Lani had a family and a home, not a typical human family, but still beings that she could be close to. She yearns for this again, perhaps by making a new family filled with loyal friends.

        ~ Revenge : Even behind this joy filled face, lies a deep desire for revenge. A dark grudge held against a specific mage she would do anything to kill. For this to happen she has to be stronger, and that is what she hopes to find in the halls of a guild.

        ~ Mastery of Magic : It did not take many years for Lani to soon discover she had a gift that was different from most humans. Something way new to the eyes of her wolf family either. She possessed a magic skill, and as the years passed, so did her ambition to find out her complete strength, and find the end of the rope.


        ~ Harm : It is hard to call this just one fear, because it can be widely used. Lani, is afraid of harm itself. Secretly she is always cautious about being hurt. Wether emotionally, or physically. So Arlania really tries to protect herself and hold her own being as a priority.

        ~ Pitch Dark : The same with bright lights and fire, and alcohol, Lani is afraid of not being able to see. Her eyesight is damn near perfect, and she likes it that way. An enemy she can not see makes her feel weak and she will begin to panic.

        ~ Cats : This may be one of her most important qualities, and it's not so much of a fear, but a hate so strong, it will make her shiver but feel determined at the same time. Lani fears the idea of letting down her family, so she tries to appear tough when it comes to felines. So is it really the fear of cats, or the fear of disappointment?...

      A P P E A R A N C E

      Height: 5 Feet & 1 Inch
      Weight: 103 LBS
      Hair: Lani's hair is a dark, subtle Auburn color. In the sunlight it will brighten and appear rather red, but when concealed, its almost a dingy brown. Her preferences on her hair is "Simple", and she rather just prefers it out of the way so she cut it to just below her ears and wears a headband to keep the rest away from her eyes.
      Eyes: Hazel
      Skin Tone: Pale
      Appearance: If you were to ask a complete stranger to look at Lani and describe her, most would say, ' Wild ', or something of that sort. However that could mostly be addressed from her face paint and fur cloak. Really, Arlania is up-kept, she wears a short blue dress that is easy to move in for comfort, and a white blouse over that. Both are made from cotton and keep in her body heat for when it's cold, but are breathable for when it's not.

      Lani was raised away from the comforts of society, and has made all of her clothing and accessories, in addition to this, she also made her own boots, which are a thick leather and come up to her shin. She only likes to wear them when it is absolutely needed though, like when there is snow, or sharp rocks. Other than that, it is barefoot for this wild child.

      Moving on from her primary attire, Lani adorns a tribal like style, she wears fur headdresses and large jewelry made from bone; This Includes 2 Masks with Fur cloaks attached made from ceramic pottery, they are red and white with a simple design, providing large eye holes to see through. For a necklace and earrings, she sharpened wine tusks and looped them through a leather string and cut out circlets from their skull. How nice...

      Due to her lack in height, Lani is pretty easy to recognize, that is if you can see her. She is small, in both height and weight, and with the reflexes of the wolves that surround her, Arlania is a natural Ninja without even trying. Her body is lithe and petite, barely reaching over a 100 LBS in pure muscle, but do not get her wrong, she will mess up even the biggest of brutes, using her speed and brains over slow and bulky movements.

      G U I L D

      Guild: Sabertooth
      Tattoo: The color of the tattoo is white, which barely stands visible against Lani's pale skin, and is located on the calf of her left leg.
      Rank: B


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    Arlania Shir Empty Re: Arlania Shir

    Post by Kihia 6th December 2014, 3:50 pm

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