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    To catch a murderer...

    Felicity Vrago
    Felicity Vrago

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    To catch a murderer... Empty To catch a murderer...

    Post by Felicity Vrago 4th December 2014, 6:14 am

    Katherine was walking down the hallways of the Eclipse Soul and cleaned the statues and metal armors that were around the place. They stood elegantly and gallantly over the hallways. Ever vigilant of what stood there at the hall. Katherine was maing sure the armor was spick and span before heading out to do yet another small tasked job that needed her attention. She vigorously rubbed the armor with the attempt to make it shine so bright she could see her reflection off it. Each armor would look like it was completely new and the weapons sharpened in such a way that made them lethal weaponry. Katherine was in the spirit of the holidays after all and decided to brighten up the place by going to tables and always polishing so that it would reflect as well.

    She would then sweep the steps of the guildhall and picked up piles of dust that would later be picked up for the dumpster. The halls were long and empty, but someone had to clean. Katherine was very dedicated to the task at hand, but she had to hurry. There was going to be little time until the holidays were here and able to be given over to her. When she was done, Katherine washed up and dressed up to play a victim. Mostly disguised herself as a prostitute. Looking at herself

    This caused Katherine to chuckle, angels were not supposed to have such sinful thoughts, yet here she was acting like a giddy schoolgirl feeling guilty of her own body despite the fact that she was pleasing to look at. Katherine sighed, she spent much time sculpturing this particular body to beauty. 2 decades of an angelic soul eliminating all traces of blemishes, scars and imperfections of this body. Katherine wondered how that child's soul would like the fact that she was now more beautiful than ever. Humans were so vain about their physical bodies after all. Not that Katherine could complain or rant against, because then she would be a hypocrite. It was just that it was less of a concern for Katherine because the very nature of being an angel caused her to be unearthly beautiful. Mostly it was for appearances though, because angels had to be beautiful to inspire the mortals that were around them. Mortals responded better with gallant looking people than average Janes after all. They reacted more towards visual stimulation than any other sensation and thus Angels adopted to be aesthetically pleasing to see. It was not vanity as much of a tool, but there was nothing wrong to be thankful for that gift right? Showing more skin as normal, Katheine proceeded her walk to Hargeon in order to bait the murderer known as Jacob Goodnight.

    Katherine was walking down the streets acting like the prostitute that she pretended to be. Winking at people and acting like a slut, but otherwise Katherine was having fun. Katherine was not going to have sex, but she made sure to memorize the person that she was hunting. Eventually Katherine was grabbed from behind and that was when she sprung in action. Katherine was immediatly able to flip Jacob over his head andonto his back. Katherine then stomped her foot on Jacobs chest, cracking the ribs. She then did it again and again until the man did not move. Katherine was satisfied that Jacob was unconscious and brought to the Rune Knights who rushed him to a hospital. Katheine was satisfied of a job well done and walked away to dine away on seafood and french fries. Katherine was done dining at the local seafood restaurant and walked home. She deided to take a scenic view up the mountain and thus enjoyed the forest around her.

    Katherine got up from dinnerand proceeded to walk up the mountain to arrive at the forest. It was beatiful to see how the snow that was on the ground to add to the beauty of nature with the combination of colors. The roads were of course salted and swept clean of all the snow, but the icy beauty was on everything else. Trees barren of all leaves made the place look like a arbor graveyard of sorts at the lower levels of the hill. But as she climbed the mountainthere was beautiful pine tress that wore the snow like a dress over the green pine needles. It was powdery and delicate, a simple shake would strip them of the white beauty on the green shade. This caused Katherine to smile over the simple beauty that was before her. Nature made humans pale when it came to aesthetic beauty in that regard. Katherine smiled and said a small bit of thanks to the Goddesses f nature for the pleasant view.
    Eventually however she got home from the cold weather and set her shoes to the side, she quickly took a hot bath to relax her senses and thus ready for the gift wrapping and holiday cheer. She started stitching up a new uniform in red clothing and started to practicing her holiday carols. This was going to be one of the best Xmas paries ever whether people liked it or not. Then again Katherine was always up for a bit of fun in the holiday season. Katherine wanted to do something special for them all. It was winter soulstice after all, but otherwise it would need to be coordinated with Kyll an Zeno.
    Katherine sighed as she started gift wrapping the presents she bought days earlier for the guild. Several things that she hoped that many would like and some that would prove necessary to their lives. It was the spirit of Winter Soulstice and thus Katherine was excited to help those that were in need. Katherine smiled and looked outside the snowy weather, it was a beautiful weather outside despite the snowstorm. Deadly beatiful like Katherine was...

    And the Angel of Chaos known as Katherine Wickfield would not have it any other way! Life was too chaotic and free after all!


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